Prussian Amazons: Part 07: 810-815: Empress Betten

I just noticed my mods still used 2.6.1 files, and upgrading to 2.6.3 revealed some minor improvements, like patron deities for pagans. It also apparently increased horses' health by 2, so poor Glitterhoof could have had a much more successful career as chancellor if I upgraded in time.

And then I discovered if I upgrade, everything will go to hell, as 2.6.3 adds new traits, and mods add new traits, and save files refer to traits by sequential ID... Fortunately these were just dynamic traits (marking heirs, allies, naps, invitation etc.), so a simple event to remove them from all characters was enough - otherwise finding out which maps to which and 1-to-1 map would be necessary, but it's still not too difficult.

And apparently I need to use "recalc_council" command every time I load a save, and that fixes council positions, which is otherwise broken every reload.

I got horde of Alania and kingdom of Bulgaria to be my tributaries.

I got into my first fight with Byzantine Empire - I did some raiding for prisoners, and they sent punitive expedition, which managed to kick my army. Later they attacked my tributary Bulgaria, but I wanted nothing to do with it.

It would be nice if they converted, creating buffer between me and Byzantines.

Next thing to consider is which religion to pick - I feel that best order is military organization 4, changing religion, going feudal, but it would take very long time to get that tech, so maybe I'll switch religion faster?

Novgorod suggests interesting options by going Hindu. I'm not sure what happened exactly as current chief's father went Hindu.

At this point it's pretty much inevitable that different parts of the realm will pick different successors, but as long as empress stays the same over everything, it's going to be all right.

I cleansed the realm off Tengri, but I still have Slavic and Norse vassals.

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