Prussian Amazons: Part 24: 920-932: Short Life of Empress Dagas

I integrated battle captives mod into my mod set, and toned it down somewhat.

After death of my mother my tributaries decided to stop paying due tribute - as did most of my vassals, due to their unfairly bad opinion of me. To get things going events even got me to negative gold for a while, suggesting that I should maybe keep a war chest of some kind for random succession event.

My first regent was actually competent enough to run the realm, but she was succeeded by like 7 others, chosen apparently at random - and that's really annoying as my demesne limit kept going up and down. I had to give away some rightfully mine counties to very old lowborn guys - hopefully they'll expire childless. The trick of giving them to eunuchs got blocked a while ago - but celibate or just very old usually works well enough.

My grandfather's kingdoms of Scotland and England got divided - my father got Scotland, and my uncle got England - well, tiny England, most of it drifted to Wales by then - and his England got abolished in a war anyway.

My brother inherited Scotland, but I had to press my claim for it! And we somehow inherited Dublin. So now Prussia is directly neighbouring the Aztecs in a few places. Fortunately without boats they can't easily holy war me there, but they've been raiding - as have been Catholics from Francia's Holstein, as well as any temporarily lapsed tributaries.

I wondered if Aztecs will now expand into Francia, but instead they decided to go for 3 embargo wars against Lombardy. They also got hit by another 30k host (host size scales with target size, but with hard cap of 30k), which due to CK2 doomstack math only cost them 3k event troops to defeat.

Anyway, I had a plan:
* establish largest possible tributary swarm
* use my tributary swarm to make Francia my tributary
* attack Aztecs and use Francia and other tributary armies to bleed Aztec troops

I wanted to do that as previous empress, but she died early...

And to nobody's surprise, I tried to get my great pox treated, and first time it failed, and second time I outright died. RNG was not kind to me.

I'm succeded by my 16 year old sister Betten.

Oh and of course succession totally bugged out, and game decided to split my titles, even though they're all enatic ultimogeniture. And not even between my sisters, Scotland was to go to some distant cousin. WTF? I just destroyed Scotland before my death.

And we're back where we started - it takes like a decade to consolidate tributaries, and only then I can try anything more ambitious.
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