Prussian Amazons: Part 21: 893-900: The Mordvan Horde

Amazingly king of Lombardy agreed to matrilineal bethrothal to his youngest brother Hadrianus, who's 3rd in line to the throne. Sadly Hadrianus died of pneumonia before anything could happen.

And here's fun fact I discovered - apparently it takes daily tick to appoint regent, so as a baby I have full imperial powers for one day. Which was the day I declared 20 wars.

I ran into a pretty big problem, as chieftess of Mordva, whom I've been attacking, got 48k event troops. And I couldn't even hire the holy order. So this small adventure suddenly became a major problem.

That really messed up with my plans, as even if I somehow managed to white peace her, she'd probably attack me soon. So instead I merced up and fought the horde by shadowing them and unsieging everything they assaulted - it's a decent way as I'm much faster thanks to siege, they lose using to every assault, and then I can unassault almost empty holding.

I couldn't do the 100% her holding trick, as her capital was not accessible by river. No matter, I got her horde reduced to 26k and make her my tributary bitch.

I didn't feel like letting the horde change their mind, so I declared instant tributary war on former king of Thrace (former Byzantine Empire), so they can fight it out between each other.

I waited for both of them to bleed each other enough, only then sent my own army.

Emperor of Francia fought his Waldensian nephew for kingdom of Austrasia, then attacked Lombardy to depose their antipope.

All that development is paying off - my realm is now at 15k levy and nearly 1000/year income (including 100 from Thrace).

I'd say crushing second largest horde after Aztecs, and taking over the leftovers is a pretty big achievement for a kid.

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