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First and Final Frames from 55 Iconic Films (Video Compilation) This unique video compilation presents side-by-side comparison of the opening and closing frames from some of the best movies, ever created. Including 3 of my favourites: "Fight Club", "Raging Bull" & "The Usual Suspects".

Watch this breathtaking (5m 26s long) compilation created by Jacob T. Swinney on:

Films used *(in order of appearance)*:
The Tree of Life 00:00
The Master 00:09
Brokeback Mountain 00:15
No Country for Old Men 00:23
Her 00:27
Blue Valentine 00:30
Birdman 00:34
Black Swan 00:41
Gone Girl 00:47
Kill Bill Vol. 2 00:53
Punch-Drunk Love 00:59
Silver Linings Playbook 01:06
Taxi Driver 01:11
Shutter Island 01:20
Children of Men 01:27
We Need to Talk About Kevin 01:33
Funny Games (2007) 01:41
Fight Club 01:47
12 Years a Slave 01:54
There Will be Blood 01:59
The Godfather Part II 02:05
Shame 02:10
Never Let Me Go 02:17
The Road 02:21
Hunger 02:27
Raging Bull 02:31
Cabaret 02:36
Before Sunrise 02:42
Nebraska 02:47
Frank 02:54
Cast Away 03:01
Somewhere 03:06
Melancholia 03:11
Morvern Callar 03:18
Take this Waltz 03:21
Buried 03:25
Lord of War 03:32
Cape Fear 03:38
12 Monkeys 03:45
The World According to Garp 03:50
Saving Private Ryan 03:57
Poetry 04:02
Solaris (1972) 04:05
Dr. Strangelove 04:11
The Astronaut Farmer 04:16
The Piano 04:21
Inception 04:26
Boyhood 04:31
Whiplash 04:37
Cloud Atlas 04:43
Under the Skin 04:47
2001: A Space Odyssey 04:51
Gravity 04:57
The Searchers 05:03
The Usual Suspects 05:23

#cinema #film #moviescompliation  
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Relationship between light and dark (VIDEO - 6.16min) Great line drawn animation from +Animade showing the infinite war between dark and light. Definitely worth watching.

Light fears Dark.
Dark resents Light.
Always at odds.
Always in conflict.
Pushing borders.
Losing ground.
Never ending.
But what is one without the other?
The stronger the light, the darker the shadow.

#animation #designinspiration #blackandwhite #shortmovie  
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Best Picture Oscar Nomination Title Sequence - 2015 This beautiful animation deserves it's own Oscar.

The nomination package for the Best Picture Category in the 2015 Academy Awards, as part of a series of 20 different graphic title sequence packages for each category within the show.

Directed & Designed by Henry Hobson with Elastic

BTW. Last year animation was a piece of art as well!

#designinspiration   #typography  
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WordPress 4.1.1 Maintenance Release available This release fixes 21 bugs in version 4.1, and will be installed automatically if you've not disabled that feature.

I'd recommend this update to everyone as it is always good for a security reasons to keep your WP installation up to date. also revealed that the WP 4.1 release is a huge success so far with over than 14 million downloads in the last two months.

Release details:

#WordPress #WPupdate #WPnews  
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Interesting Google Wallet Feature coming in to UK! Google just announced that it is rolling out "Send and request money right from Gmail" feature over the coming weeks to all UK Gmail users over 18 years old.

#gmail #googlewallet #sendmoneyingmail  
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Ready for a fight ;) Do not make me angry! #caturday
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Stark raving mad…
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Cartoonists honor Charlie Hebdo victims R.I.P. fellow designers!

h/t +Mashable

#design #designtribute  
In the wake of an attack that left 12 people dead, cartoonists took to the favored medium of <em>Charlie Hebdo to do what they do best.
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Is responsive branding a temporary design trend or it's already new design standard? Many of you may already know that responsive websites are mobile devices are here to stay, but many of you may not realize that maybe it's time to start thinking about having the branding responsive as well.

Great article from +Benjie Moss & +Webdesigner Depot

#branding #reponsivebranding #designtrends  
Consistency, we’re taught, is the hallmark of quality. Whether it’s in copywriting or color, layout or lettering, consistency feels deliberate and reinforce
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+David Kutcher brilliant idea with presenting a real stamp to the customers.
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25 years of Photoshop On February 19th Adobe published great 60 seconds Video to celebrate, together with the whole creative world,  the 25th anniversary of Photoshop first release.

Just have a look on the linked timeline of Photoshop incredible milestones: to see how it was changing and growing to become one the best design software's in digital history. The second one for me is Adobe Illustrator and paired with PS they're the most powerful design combo available :)

Despite the fact that I'm working with Photoshop since around 2002
It's still hard to believe that the most useful design feature "layers" has been added to PS more than 20 years a go (in September 1994).

BTW. "Dream ON" is one of my favuorite songs... I know, I know, I'm getting old...

#Photoshop #PS #25yearsofphotoshop  
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The only CSS Reference you will need This latest, extensive CSS reference page from +Codrops contains all the important properties and info to learn CSS from the basics.

#CSS #CSSreference #webdesign  
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+Octopus Creative Design exactly. It can be handy even for experienced developers.
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Internet Explorer is finally over! Say hello to Project Spartan As the internet is buzzing about Microsoft HoloLens, for me and other web developers & designers the most important announcement of yesterday was the confirmation that Project Spartan will be the new Microsoft web browser.

We don't know how good it will be, but I'm sure that a new browser created from scratch will be millions times better than the developers nightmare - IE :)

#IEdead #ProjectSpartan #technologynews  
A number of recent reports have suggested that Microsoft was ready to move past Internet Explorer and introduce a new browser, code-named Spartan, to the world. Now, Microsoft has made that...
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I'm really, really hoping +Tomasz Kucharski!
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Play Legendary Games in your Browser! Something for the weekend :) If you like me remember late 80's and 90's and you've played all of those classic games from that time, I've some great news. Now we can play about 2400 Classic Arcade games like Digger, Donkey Kong, Golden Axe and many others for free in the browsers!

Link to the MS-DOS Games website:

Article in +The Verge

#oldgames #technology #dosgames #computergeek  
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+Matthew Price have fun :)
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