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Tomáš Zvěřina (Tomucha)
Linux, Java, Android, nově i Dart. Silné názory na všechno z IT, nevyhraněné názory na všechno ostatní. Nebo to bylo obráceně?
Linux, Java, Android, nově i Dart. Silné názory na všechno z IT, nevyhraněné názory na všechno ostatní. Nebo to bylo obráceně?

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v0.0.1 of service_worker

Service Worker API for Dart

Dart-y wrappers for the ServiceWorker APIs.

Warning: the API is experimental, and subject to change.

Service Workers

A service worker is an event-driven worker registered against an origin and a path. It takes the form of a JavaScript file that can control the web page/site it is associated with, intercepting and modifying navigation and resource requests, and caching resources in a very granular fashion to give you complete control over how your app behaves in certain situations (the most obvious one being when the network is not available.)

A service worker is run in a worker context: it therefore has no DOM access, and runs on a different thread to the main JavaScript that powers your app, so it is not blocking. It is designed to be fully async; as a consequence, APIs such as synchronous XHR and localStorage can't be used inside a service worker.

W3C draft:

Mozilla doc:


Register the Service Worker from your application script, like in example/web/main.dart:

import 'package:service_worker/window.dart' as sw;

void main() {
if (sw.serviceWorker != null) {
} else {
print('ServiceWorkers are not supported.');

Write the Service Worker in a separate script, like in example/web/sw.dart:

import 'package:service_worker/service_worker.dart';

void main(List<String> args) {
globalScope.onInstall.listen((event) {
print('ServiceWorker installed.');

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Someone should create Angular2 component supporting Android Nine Patches:

<bg-ninepatch src="img/my_cool_background.9.png">
Content here ...

Not me, obviously, I'm both busy AND lazy. But someone!

P.S. Let me know when it's done, thanks!

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Future or no future! That's the question!
Dart 1.22 is now available with faster tools, assert messages, covariant overrides, and more!

Offline web apps question:

I want to create an offline web application in Angular2 Dart. So it seems to me, that I'm supposed to do something like:

$ pub get
$ pub build
$ cd build/web;
$ find . >> manifest.appcache;

... which seems a bit harsh, because:

$ find . | wc -l

There are hundreds of *.ng_meta.json files. Do I need those metadata in production? I'm confused, internet! Help me!

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And now for something completely different.

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Stát potřeboval software na řízení archivů. (Neuvěříte, co se stalo pak.)

Ježto žádný nevyhovoval aktuální metodice, rozhodl se, že si ho vytvoří. Výsledek je open source: Java + Spring + React.

Teď je v jeho zájmu, aby se na ten software podívalo více lidí, aby vůbec bylo dost implementátorů, který to do těch archivů dostanou. Více zde:

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Jasnej fejk, ma obe ruce!
Herec Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, známý ze seriálu Hra o trůny, nahradil Street View auto a s 15 kamerami, pěšky, na čtyřkolce, ve člunu a vrtulníkem nasnímal mizející krásy Grónska, aby upozornil na klimatické změny, které se zde dějí. Projděte se s námi ledovcovou krajinou →

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I was serverless, before it was cool!
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