It's a blast from the past (as in last month). Here's the video from our office hours held on the 21st of March. In this session +Jonathan Beri and +Wolff Dobson guided you through using the REST APIs using JavaScript. Get the source code:

1:05 - - How to use JSONP to access the REST APIs in JavaScript
2:30 - - Setting up a new project in the API console
7:06 - - The client libraries, what are they?
8:39 - - Using the JavaScript client library to reimplement our example
13:27 - - About OAuth and private resources
14:26 - - Creating an OAuth client using the API console
- The JavaScript client library discussion group -
24:14 - - Using the JavaScript client library and REST APIs from within a hangout

19:08 - - Are you planning to change the +1 button back?
20:14 - - Will this video be posted to YouTube? (Spoiler: the answer is yes)
20:43 - - Do you read your issues list?
- The Google+ platform issue tracker:
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