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Tom Willis
Public Relations / SEO / Social Media / Online Marketing
Public Relations / SEO / Social Media / Online Marketing

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Monday morning reading, on behalf of +Brian Dean.

"I’m not exaggerating when I say that without keywords, there’s no such thing as SEO."

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Content marketing case study: I assume you have all seen the 'World's Most Dangerous Roads App', as featured on Mashable and BBC. James Congdon has written up a first-hand account of what it takes to make content go viral. Enjoy and share...

Hi there. Can you recommend a good book on the topic of brand management? Please share titles or authors, UK only please. 

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Important meeting at the office this week, time to perform a quick SWOT analysis. How well do you know the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of your business?  

(Article courtesy of +Tim Berry)

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I'm looking for some guidance on best value paid survey tools. I need a service that can deliver up to 2,000 answers from a wide demographic (UK) in 2-3 working days... and won't cost the earth. 

Does such a service exist?

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Our anti-smoking shock campaign launched yesterday. Happy to listen to your feedback. 

Major front page coverage gained so far: 
Mail online 
Metro online 
ITV News 
BBC News online 
Independent online 
Daily Star online 
Huffington Post 
Yahoo! News 

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Ever since I read about the major algorithm updates last year I've always pushed for relationships over links. Relationships lead to bigger and better opportunities than just links. I'm so glad +David Harry is with me on this. Taken from his recent hangout, here he is: (35:20)

“I don’t even care if it’s a non-link citation… if it doesn’t have an ahref on it I don’t care. If these people like what I wrote they will follow me back through my social channels, or my blog, and then they will naturally link to me. It’s the same thing with PR- you’re doing it to create relationships within the news industry. Stop thinking about that followed link on that source. Start thinking about how can I utilise that link to build or enhance my own following and then engage from thereon. That’s how you attract links. I think its time to rethink…”
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