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A practical path for seasteading? Check out this draft book chapter (and make a helpful comment, if you can):

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Details emerge on the new International Financial Center in Colombo, part of the Port City Project in Sri Lanka. Basically: a very Dubai-like system of bespoke commercial and international laws. Law written by government attorneys with consultants from Baker & McKenzie, HK.

From the abstract of "Ulex: An Open Source Legal System," heading out to law reviews soon:

"Open source software can make digital devices useful even in isolation; ask a bored domestic air passenger playing games on her phone. But only when we get to the ground, and our devices interconnect, can we tap their greatest powers. Might a network of jurisdictions running the same open source legal system exhibit the same effect? In that event, they would create not another nation state, but a stateless association."

Jonesing for fresh, clean, ample data on special jurisdictions? "Worldwide Census of SEZs and Similar Zones" has your fix:

Look for it soon as a technical appendix in "Your Next Government". 

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What have copyright got to do with the Blockchain? Not enough; not yet.

just started writing a chapter tentatively titled, "War Stories of the Sort Ordinarily Recounted Over Drinks," the last chapter of "Your Next Government: From Nation State to Stateless Associations" (Cambridge U. Press 2017).

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Ready for the good news about cryptofinance? You won't believe your maths.

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Can you think of a way to make this model clause more solid?
"Choice of Law and Forum. Only Ulex 1.0, published at and verifiable at, shall govern any claim or question arising under or related to this Agreement, including the proper forum for resolving disputes, all rules applied therein, and the form and effect of any judgment."

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Did patents help or hurt Henry Ford's efforts to create an entirely new industry? In his own words:

"George B. Selden, a patent attorney, filed an application as far back as 1879 for a patent the object of which was stated to be 'The production of a safe, simple, and cheap road locomotive' . . . . [E]verybody was familiar with self-propelled vehicles, and most of the men, including myself, who had been for years working on motor propulsion, were surprised to learn that what we had made practicable was covered by an application of years before, although the applicant had kept his idea merely as an idea. He had done nothing to put it into practice.

. . .

"The powerful combination of manufacturers who called themselves the "licensed manufacturers" because they operated under licenses from the patentee, brought suit against us as soon as we began to be a factor in motor production. The suit dragged on. It was intended to scare us out of business. . . . The idea was spread that if the suit finally went against me, every man who owned a Ford car would be prosecuted. Some of my more enthusiastic opponents, I understand, gave it out privately that there would be criminal as well as civil suits and that a man buying a Ford car might as well be buying a ticket to jail."

. . .

We [nevertheless] sold more than eighteen thousand cars—nearly double the output of the previous year . . . .

As a matter of fact, probably nothing so well advertised the Ford car and the Ford Motor Company as did this suit. It appeared that we were the under dog and we had the public's sympathy. The association had seventy million dollars—we at the beginning had not half that number of thousands. I never had a doubt as to the outcome, but nevertheless it was a sword hanging over our heads that we could as well do without. Prosecuting that suit was probably one of the most shortsighted acts that any group of American business men has ever combined to commit. . . . I regard it as most fortunate for the automobile makers of the country that we eventually won, and the association ceased to be a serious factor in the business. . . ."

From Henry Ford, My Life and Work pp. 61-63 (Garden City Publishing, Garden City, NY 1922) availabe at

What are the rules of Ulex? Now the world can know. Take a look at the legal system of the future, share your comments, and make it better.
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