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What you see are not see-thru skirts

They are actually prints on the skirts to make it look as if the panties are visible. They are the current rage in Japan!

Via Tamie Batten
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Not that new, I saw it first around 2008 (on my previous job) I seem to remember. But the trend is not catching on in Europe alas. LOL
They make your ass look good? Heh
I'm in Japan, yet I haven't seen these yet. I'll have to keep a watchful eye out for them. Hell, I might even get me a pair. Lol
Nope. I've been here a few years now and I've never seen these. And I've been to almost every part of Japan, so I dunno where this is taking place. Hehe. ^_^
During my vacation in Japan this February I haven't seen them.
+Joost Ringoot saw them irl. I do understand that you guys feel sad not having seen them. That's why I'm posting here.
Some stuff just refuses to die. These are very old, I saw them online back in 2005. Just doing a quick search online I see various blogs going back to 2006 with the exact same image. Whoever claims to have seen them IRL is talking silly as they were faked using an image editing program.
Nee, meid. Ik ben ook maar een boodschapper. Ik kreeg ze van mijn vrouw die ze weer van een Australische vriendin had. Die Australische vriendin is normaal een enorm tutje. Dat vond ik eigenlijk het leukst. Daarom heb ik haar naam erbij gezet.
Wel schattig vind ik je spelfoutje.
By the way, I found that Dutch is very similar to German and English. I somehow understand what you're talking about in Dutch. (I used to study in a German school in HK.)
Wie een Kuil graaft voor een ander...
+Tom Voute Moet flink spitten,om erin te vallen,maja probeer maar eens een kuil te graven in stuivend woestijnzand..........of in rotsen
To be clear: I meant colleagues shared me those pictures way back on my previous job, that was before 2009.
I would love to see one in person!! Where to buy? :P
Not real, but can still wanna see one in person? 8)
haaa... i rather not have anything to do with +Tom Voute 's dream!
Gerard van Schip12:11 AM
Hahaha I wonder if people read comments. Guess not, these are old and not real, done on a computer.
+Gerard van Schip Once was enough.
+Tom Voute Of course most people don't read all comments. Many people don't even read the original post and leave comments just seeing pics. Why don't you edit your post to correct the misinformation then?
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