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Google+ Name of the Day

+Waiting Fok

As in: Foreigner - Waiting Fok a girl like you

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Hahaha...not sure it's a dude's name or a girl's
i noticed the name in one of your post, definitely LOL'ed at it. haha
Thanks for mentioning me XD
In fact 'Waiting' is just a 'concat' of my Chinese name 'Wai Ting'
I've been waiting fok a girl like you, to come in to my life. Oehoehoe, waitihing, for someone new, to make me feel alive. ♪♪♪♪ Terrific name!!
+Damon Yu You know, the movie's name in Hong Kong is "非常外父生擒霍老爺“ XDD exactly my Family name
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