I've been working on designing a play mat for ship combat. The idea is to make all (or at least most) of the relevant information easily accessible to everyone at the table and allow ship stats to be updated as combat progresses.

The mat has information for each of the ship's stations, including available actions and a space for a token of some sort to indicate who is manning the station, as well as boxes for the most pertinent ship stats. The idea is that you'd use dice to track these. Areas for weapons and fittings are intended to hold index cards or printed templates with the relevant details. There is (of course) an area to hold command point counters as well as an evasion tracker.

Any constructive feedback would be very welcome. Is there anything missing you think would be useful?

A PDF version, as well as an alternative version intended for use with VTTs, are available here: http://bit.ly/2TpNj2C.
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