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Absolutely. I've a few friends with hardware projects who would benefit from having an instant front end available (after writing the adapter for TTS). TTS as an integration point for smaller hardware projects that don't have the time/resources/skills holds tremendous value. 
I'm thinking that another value of TTS is that people who want to make automation inputs or outputs (sensors and controls) don't have to build the whole system. They can just work from the API out.

Is there such a thing as a generic client, which will let me look at any input, at its history, at a graph of its values, and at outputs, which will let me see the possible values and frobnicate them? I've done a bit of searching and not found such a thing.

(Dear +Google Chrome Developers, "frobnicate" is a perfectly valid word. Please add it to Chrome's list of correctly-spelled words.)

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Had a bit of fun converting "The Tachypomp and Other Stories", a Gutenberg Project book by Edward Page Mitchell, into an online novel.

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