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Seriously. If you haven't already, register to vote now, and then VOTE.
Get your ass out there and register!
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young folks. get up off your asses and vote. legalize pot. make the drinking age 18 again. change the age of consent to 16 (i knew what i wanted when i was 14 but i was too young).  #dare  
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Tom Thomas

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dare to dream...
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Tom Thomas

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Pure class! I've always liked him... now even more so.
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Tom Thomas

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Good night
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“Clean water worth more to us over dirty oil.”

Here's hoping that this response continues, and that this towns vote makes a difference.

#tarsands   #cleanwater  
Residents of Kitimat, BC voted "no" to the pipeline over the weekend.
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The transformation of the US from a democratic republic into an oligarchy is complete.

" It's beyond alarming. As Gilens and Page write, "the preferences of the average American appear to have only a minuscule, near-zero, statistically non-significant impact upon public policy." In other words, their statistics say your opinion literally does not matter

(...) Big corporations, the ultra-wealthy and special interests with a lot of money and power essentially make all of the decisions. Citizens wield little to no political power. America, the findings indicate, tends towards either of these much more than anything close to what we call "democracy." 

Not news for all who've been paying attention, and hopefully a clarion call for massive voter turnout, and citizen actions to amend the constitution declaring that corporations aren't people and money isn't speech. ( for current action in my home state of Washington. for a broader action being coordinated across multiple states.)

(via +Chris Nochance)

#oligarchy   #vote   #constitutionalconvention  
It's official. A new scientific study finds that America is no longer a functioning democracy, but an oligarchy -- a political system ruled by the wealthy elite. That might explain why broadly supported measures such as mandatory background checks on gun sales, a carbon tax to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and raising the federal minimum wage can't pass the Tea Party Congress.
Scientists have proven that our government is far from what we believe.
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Stating the obvious.
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Tom Thomas

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Yet another reason to denounce/boycott Russia.

"While this proposed law would undoubtedly fall heavily upon and further stigmatize Russia's persecuted LGBT community, HIV cuts across lines of sexual orientation and gender identity. A Russian expat friend tells me that he knows a married straight couple where the wife is living with HIV; they are already making plans to flee the country with their young child -- not if, but when (their words) the new law is adopted."
TERRIFYING: In Russia, a proposed new law would force people with HIV and other infectious diseases to undergo mandatory fingerprinting and create a national database to house the information.

Foreign visitors would also be forced to submit their fingerprints.

The measure has the support of the relevant agencies in Putin's government.

Please read and share widely to spread the word about this latest attack.
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+Aurther Noble Feller, the US ban was lifted in 2010 - entry occurs through a VISA waiver program:

And again, HIV (or any other medical condition) reporting by an individual through their insurance company, or through someone sharing their status with someone and it then resulting in the "community" talking about it, is substantially different from mandatory forced fingerprinting of every single person in the country, requiring the same of every person who wants to enter the country, with the resulting data then gathered in a central government database.

And as this is what is proposed in Russia, where those who are LGBT are beaten and abused with impunity, it rises to an even greater level of concern beyond that non-trivial distinction.
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Tom Thomas

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"(...) The attention given the story of Mr. Eich is astounding -- every newspaper, television show, blog, or website I can think of has covered the story in some fashion. Even Bill Maher blamed the "gay mafia" for the "whacking" of Eich. The narrative (as happened with Duck Dynasty's Phil Robertson) has turned to "He was fired for his beliefs!" and "He's being persecuted over the way he voted!" Firstly, neither is true --  Eich resigned and the uproar was over his funding of a law that stripped civil rights from a group of human beings. Finally, it was not the "gay mafia" that did the "whacking," it was employees, board members and customers of Mozilla that spoke out -- not a single LGBT org that I saw, ever spoke out about the issue.

What astounds me the most however, is the insane amount of coverage of this story. One straight Mormon guy decides to quit his job because the free market demands it and there is widespread news. Whereas people get fired for being LGBT in this country on a regular basis and there's hardly a peep; oh yeah -- and it's legal in most states.

(...) And unless you read LGBT blogs or see a story occasionally pop up on your Twitter or Facebook feed, you won't hear about these folks. People that can get fired for putting a photo of their spouse on their desk at work. People that have to hide in the closet if they want to keep their job. There are a thousand of these stories for every Brendan Eich, but we never hear about it.

These are people who've done nothing to harm another person. There only crime was loving a person of the same gender and yet they were punished, with governmental support in many cases. Maybe it's time to start sharing these stories instead of defending bigots."
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Unmet Promise On Discrimination 
"Mr. Obama said in November that workplace discrimination 'needs to stop, because, in the United States of America, who you are and who you love should never be a fireable offense.' An executive order barring discrimination by federal contractors would extend badly needed job protections to more than 11 million employees who work in states that lack such protections and whose companies fail to provide them voluntarily, according to the Williams Institute at the U.C.L.A. School of Law.

What Mr. Obama needs to do is act on his principles and issue such an order, without the religious exemption that was put into the Senate bill to lure Republican votes... The best way for Mr. Obama to advance the issue and prod the House to do the right thing is to lead by example, not by waiting."
~ New York Times Editorial Board
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Tom Thomas

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Ok, sure, I'm old enough to be his father. But if liking this is wrong, I don't want to be right. 
This is sure to dispel the Monday blues: Zac Efron got his shirt ripped off last night at the MTV Movie Awards.

You're welcome.
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Ditto that.
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