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I am reminded of a Greeting Card I got in the late 80's: "This year I computerized all my anniversaries and birthdays.  HAPPY GORENPLATZ!!"
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Sometimes it's important to remind ourselves why we do what we do.

Lily, wearing tag #251, crouched, suffering in a small wire cage at the auction. Breeding dogs were being sold to the highest bidder. Lily looked straight into Theresa's eyes that day and asked for help. Theresa purchased Lily and promised to "shower her with love until the day she died". For the next 15 months Lily learned about being a dog. She learned about soft beds, belly rubs and rolling in the grass. But most importantly, Lily learned what love felt like. Despite surgeries and the best care possible, the 7 years of neglect at the puppy mill had taken its toll on her body. On May 13, 2008 Lily passed away. 

Theresa vowed, in Lily's name, to take up the cause for the mill dogs and thus National Mill Dog Rescue was born.

To read more about Lily's story, click here:

Please join us in our efforts. Share the story of Lily and the plight of mill dogs everywhere. Thank you.
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Thankfully +Theo Fenraven, Lily found some happiness and love in the last period of her life, and inspired the formation of +National Mill Dog Rescue: so more can be saved, like she was.

It is difficult to see stories of such suffering, but in being aware of them and sharing them with others - more will turn to rescue and adopt pets rather than potentially obtaining them from a pet store or other puppy mill based means. As much as it does hurt to know of those that spend their whole lives being abused and suffering - it pains my heart as it does yours - only through awareness and communication can we move that number towards zero: through finding homes for dogs rescued from such appalling circumstances, and by not perpetuating their existence by buying puppies rather than adopting/rescuing those that already need us and have so much to share, love, and live.
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Tom Thomas

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Based in this sign, maybe the 70's film "Attack of the Killer Tomatoes" was actually a documentary.

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In that case, perhaps 'caution' is too mild a word...
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Tom Thomas

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Hope springs eternal.

#sunset   #waterfront   #seattle   #landscapephotography   #ferry  
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Almost 90% of Americans believe you can't be fired based solely on your sexual orientation. They're wrong.

As +John M. Becker points out in the article, absent federal protections, this discrimination is legal in 29 states. And gender orientation discrimination is legal in 33 states.

Congress needs to pass #ENDA  now. []

No one should be fired because of who they are or who they love.
Most Americans have no idea that in much of the country, it's perfectly legal to fire LGBT people on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity.

We can't end employment discrimination when so many don't know it's even a problem.

Please share this post to spread the word.
An anti-gay mayor in rural South Carolina fired the town's popular and decorated police chief, likely because she's a lesbian. It's absolutely disgusting, but also perfectly legal.
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The unions are just way too powerful, say the people who get tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas
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"In total, the U.S. loses $150 billion in federal revenue and another $34 billion in state revenue annually because of money parked in tax havens, the Boston-based consumer advocacy group concluded.

The largest U.S.-based companies have accumulated $1.95 trillion outside the U.S., up 11.8 percent from a year earlier, according to securities filings from 307 corporations reviewed by Bloomberg News."

They've increased their offshore cash 11.8 percent, while taking tax cuts to outsource jobs, giving CEOs and other executives unconscionable raises, and not increasing wages or hiring for the American workforce. While their purchased politicians continue to cut the social safety net while decrying deficit spending concurrently with refusing to address the ongoing corporate feeding at the trough and expense of the US taxpayer.

How anyone can continue to support the politicians and policies that enable this looting of the country, increasing enrichment of the already excessively wealthy, and the effective wage enslavement of the population, destruction of the middle class and creation of an perpetual poverty class is beyond rational understanding.
U.S. taxpayers would need to pay an average of $1,259 more a year to make up the federal and state taxes lost to corporations and individuals sheltering money in overseas tax havens, according to a report.
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Tom Thomas

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Nice shot from an undoubtedly cool experience.
Mobula Rays In Formation, Gulf Of California, Baja California Sur, Mexico, North America

Swimming with mobula rays in the Gulf Of California is an unforgettable experience. The majesty and grace these huge fish demonstrate in their natural environment is humbling and awe inspiring. I had to swim down about 15 feet just to get close enough for an image while attempting, in vain, to keep up with the school. Given the opportunity, I would gladly do this all day long, with or without a camera.

Shot while on assignment for +Un-Cruise Adventures

Camera    Go Pro Hero 3+ Black
Lens    Standard
ISO    160
Focal Length    2.77mm
Aperture    f/2.8
Shutter Speed    1/60
Altitude    -15.0 ft
GPS Coordinates 24°35'50" N 110°24'12" W
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Tom Thomas

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That's corporate culture, alright!
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