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Voting green in EU2014 ellections. Want a choice about europe? vote green, want to end privatisation of the NHS? vote green, Want to rethink austerity and start investing in the future of the economy? vote green.

Support for thacherism on steroids? privatisiation of the NHS and a return to 1940s gender values? Vote UKIP

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Fight for our rights.

So Mr Cameron has announced an 'opt-out' content filter on adult material on the internet on the same day as the royal baby... Good timing, means less opposition to it as the baby will be grabbing all the headlines. Still deeply disturbing news as the block won’t work as it will be easy to get around, but more importantly will legitimise web filtering of content, how long before this extends to material illegal or unsavoury for the government of the time? This sets in place a way of making it easy for the government to exert a chilling effect on freedom of speech and free access to information. Sure its opt-out now, but when the slippery slope of web censorship comes into force i can see it being harder and harder to obtain an unfiltered internet access. Take wikileaks, with a (not improbable) ban on illegal content, like government secrets, i can see that falling under censorship. Try justifying your right to the government, to view that same government's dirty secrets...

Wish more people in the UK used G+ instead of facebook, its defiantly better. :/
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