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Hey, +T-Mobile, what's the device policy for updates for #Android  phones?  Devices will get software updates for 1 year after release, or maybe .5 years per X units sold?  How exactly is it that we will know to buy the most supported phones?  I've got an #Amaze4G  (HTC Ruby), and my contract is up in October.  We only recently got ICS (4.0) and there's be no announcements of Jelly Bean (4.1), and with no policy in place and public, I don't know if it will ever get it.

Or, more relevantly, tell me why I should buy a phone on-contract directly from T-Mobile again, rather than just get a +Nexus phone directly from +Google Play for about the same price, knowing that Google will support rapid updates directly for up to two years, and just activate it on T-Mobile's network?
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one of my best friends has the same phone as yours. It's frackin' impressive and he won $100 from MS in a promotion to see if one's smartphone is faster than their Windows Phone 8 phone and OS.
+Tom Scott , yup, I think that is why my next phone will be a Nexus one (or whatever the next google phone may be).  Seems those phones support the new OS's fairly quickly.
My T-Mo Nexus S has already received Jelly Bean
Yep, that's pretty much the problem, Phillip.  Without a clear update policy, they are basically saying "if you buy any of our phones other than a Nexus, you may never see an update".  Now that Google Play offers them contract-free at a cut rate the problem is exaggerated, since you don't even need to buy them from T-Mobile anymore.  There's even an incentive not to: the functions that certain carriers lock out (WiFi Hotspot) aren't disabled.
Moby D
Yeah, it really varies. Some get updates pretty quick and others seem to languish forever! I finally got ICS on my S2 a couple months ago.
Loving my Nexus....despite being a Samsung.  All the junk is gone and you can simply add back in what you need.  Even T-Mobile Visual Voice Mail.  Only think I haven't found is the wifi calling but not important.
Thanks +Tom Scott for reaching out to T-Force with this question. We are more than happy to answer any question that we can. 
We do not have a specific list of all devices and the planned updates. The OEMs have a huge factor in the initial decision if they can update a device or not. Once that decision is made, then T-Mobile and the OEM works together to get updates out. Please check out the link below.

As for who you should make your next device purchase from, that is entirely up to you. Google Play Store is great, especially with their new approach on the Nexus line. The Nexus is an amazing phone and has the pure Google experience with updates as soon as Google releases them. Some issues I ran into when I had my Nexus device was certain features that were only provided through a carrier phone. For instance, All Share and S Beam on the GS3 isn't available for the Nexus, but by the same OEM. Also, WiFi calling will be missing. Plus, even though we have some Tech savvy customers here on G+, the Nexus devices are not fully supported by T-Mobile, nor is the warranty. 
And even though a lot of people love the pure Google experience, there are also a lot who enjoy having Sense or Touch Wiz. Those are only on the carrier devices as well. 
Like I said, arguments and opinions can be made for both sides. The coolest thing I think though is that you, the customer, has the option to decide. :) 
Well, I guess that pretty much decides me in the future.  I'll be going with Nexus devices from this point forward, then.

Thanks for reaching out though, JM.
Tom, I have a Galaxy Nexus and I love it.  The only problem is that T-Mobile's wi-fi calling isn't supported and if you have a problem, you have to deal directly with Samsung.  I bought mine last month.  The camera stopped working five weeks later and I'm having to deal directly with Samsung since Google Play only does returns within 14 days.  I had to ship my phone to Samsung and am currently using a Nokia candy bar phone in the meantime.  Those are the only two real negatives.  The positive is that I got jellybean last week the day before I sent the phone off.  :-P
I hear ya Tom. This is the fragmentation of Android they are talking about. I'm still waiting for ICS on my Bionic, don't think it's going to happen.  I've been looking at the SGIII but have read that even though it will get Jelly Bean, it's up to the carrier as to when they put it out. And to make it even more interesting, Samsung has their own version of "siri" and Samsung may not allow for Google Now. 

I'm seriously considering keeping my old Bionic for the 4g tethering, and just using a 7" tablet for my media on the go. Now, only to find a Nexus 7 16gb anywhere. Totally out of stock everywhere.
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