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Tom Scott

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School is out!  Graduated at long last!
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There's a nice picture
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Tom Scott

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Whelp, guess that's a gaming movie I can miss safely!

(Some NSFW language)
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Tom Scott

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Welcome!  I'm setting aside a Collection here to post a character a week for different tabletop role-playing games (in a general imitation of +Matthew McFarland's Character Creation series) in an effort to keep my creative juices... juicy.

Unlike most of my Collections, Characters Without Players will be opt-in due to the somewhat idiosyncratic subject matter and sometimes mature content, and you'll need to Follow it specifically if you'd like to see updates.  I hardly wish to inflict my horrible prose on unwitting subjects!
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Tom Scott

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If I appologized, it wouldn't make it all unhappen.
It wouldn't make the darkness go away.

Neil Gaimen is a beloved modern author, and Mirrormask is one of my favorite children's books.  The movie version, done in association with The Jim Henson Company, is a wonder to watch.  It tells a symbolic Alice-like story of a young lady caught between joy and tragedy, family and freedom.

Likewise, his novel Coraline ( is a modern day Grimm's fairytaile, with a stop-motion animated version that makes you feel every thread of the Other Mother's tender love and care.

Both are great to listen to, and can be finished in a single afternoon!
Check out this great listen on Raised in a family of circus performers, Helena's always dreamed of leading a more ordinary life. But when haunting music draws her...
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3 comments've got great taste. What are your opinions of Nightwatch & Daywatch?
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Tom Scott

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Here's my putting money where my mouth is, which kickstarters/indiegogo campaign I've funded and their current completion status.  By and large, I haven't experienced significant issues receiving rewards from campaigns, but pretty much every videogame I've contributed to has run long, and in some cases, veeeery long.  Still, it's always nice to find a magical package in the mail with a book or game that wouldn't have even been made without croudfunding!


2013 February
SpaceVenture by Two Guys from Andromeda (

2014 February
Megatokyo Visual Novel Game (

2014 June
Homestuck Adventure Game (

2014 September
Dimple IO (

2015 March
Mage: the Ascension 20th Anniversary Edition (

2015 June
Mistborn Allomancy Dice (


2015 July
Exploding Kittens (
Get Naked! (

2015 August
The Gentlemen's Single Use Monocle (

2015 September
10' to Kill (

2015 October
Ghostbusters The Board Game (
Waynesaw (

2015 December 
World of Darkness Dark Eras Prestige Edition (
Beast The Primordial (
Don't Turn Your Back (

2016 March
Hero-U Fantasy Adventure Game (

2017 March
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night (
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+Tom Scott yeah, I loved the mistborn books. . but I only borrowed them, refused to buy them.  after rereading up on his "be nice but explain the problem from a mormon perspective" kinds of statements. . .I feel like my enjoyment of his stuff is forever tarnished.  I'm sort of curious how well the rpg system might work.  
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Tom Scott

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So, Patrick Rothfuss's The Kingkiller Chronicles (beginning with The Name of the Wind) is in talks for a movie deal.

I may squee.

That is all.
I'm heading down to gencon, and this blog has my schedule.

Also, if you live around Indianapolis, I'm doing some off-site events where you can see me too.

Furthermore: This blog has news you might not have heard elsewhere.

In closing: Draccus!
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Tom Scott

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This'll be going into my gamer-party rotation (with Towerfall: Ascenscion), and you can get it as part of the latest Humble Bundle ( for the next six days!
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Tom Scott

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Seriously, every time I walk outside here in Phoenix, this is how my brain reacts.
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Tom Scott

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That warm fuzzy feeling when you pull a Mythic Rare and a foil Mythic Rare from your second pack of a new set. ^.^
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Wow, what an intense wiki-walk. From your Commander deck I caught up on a tonne of crazy story I missed in the New Phyrexia block lol
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Tom Scott

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I may have ordered a second copy of Zepplin Attack! just for a set of promo cards that include giant robots by Edison and Tesla. ^.^;
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james o
Only f.c.u.k ing about kidder, I ain't part of the PlayStation generation myself either, more Need for WEED than NEED for SPEED if you get my drift.
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Tom Scott

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You'll like this if: You enjoy deckbuilding games like Thunderstone, Nightfall or Dominion, and a dash of pulp adventure flavoring.

I've been playing Zeppelin Attack! from +Evil Hat Productions with my buddies, and I have to say that it's an extremely well done game.  Players take turns as villains deploying their aeronautical apparatus to the battle, then playing minions from those ships to recruit others, attack the opposing forces and defend from attacks in turn.  

In addition, there's both a boxed expansion, Doomsday Weapons
( that gives each player a custom ship and mega-weapon to purchase as well as more recruitable cards, and also a  print-on-demand Meddling Fools ( mini-expansion for a few dollars that provides a different optional power each turn.

I very much recommend you pick up a copy and give it a try with your friends as well!
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How I wich to try them...!
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