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Tom Scott

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School is out!  Graduated at long last!
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Tom, Congratulations!
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Tom Scott

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+Infusionsoft​ developers got some new digs after #ICON15, welcome to the new Infusionsoft South building!
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My pod mate and I are tucked away from the rest of the floor so Bhu and I can get coding done and slave over a hot SQL server in semi privacy from the call center folks, but there are times where I wish a cold emotionless wall blocking the personal conversations from flooding my ears would appear.
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Tom Scott

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Woot! Today I get to ATTEND sessions instead of working them at #ICON15 ! :-D
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Wow, RPO is going to hit the big time!
This afternoon it was confirmed that directorial duties for the movie Ready Player One would be given to Steven Spielberg. Easily one of the most famous movie directors in the history of the world, Spielberg will very easily give clout beyond reckoning to…
This afternoon it was confirmed that directorial duties for the movie Ready Player One would be given to Steven Spielberg. Easily one of the most famous movie
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I'm excited for this. Just got the book from Loot Crate and finished it in one day. 
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Tom Scott

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I think the Oscar should go to Beymax. ^.^

(BH6 is out today, go watch it!)
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This movie makes my cheeks wet.
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Tom Scott

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Believe me, you'll want to stick it out and watch the whole thing.  It gets interesting around the 2:30 mark. ;-)
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Omg soooooooooooooooooo funny lol
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Tom Scott

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I guess you could say I smashed the goals in SSB3DS. ;-)
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Tom Scott

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I love PMJ's covers! :-D
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It's been a crazy week with #ICON15, moving to our new building and now our scheduled early release day, so what the heck, let's play life-size foosball too! #Infusionsoft #InfusionLife +Infusionsoft​
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Yeah fun!!! 
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Getting ready for a crazy day for small business success! #ICON15
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Small business yeah!! 
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Tom Scott

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Makes me miss my two black cats but they had their claws
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Software Engineer
Software Engineering, Agile/Scrum, SQL
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Scottsdale, Arizona
Mesa, Arizona - Tempe, Arizona - Phoenix, Arizona
Gamer, Weightlifter, Android Fanboy
I can't dance, but I can Dance Dance Revolution!
Bragging rights
Made Wil Wheaton sing Lady Gaga while Felicia Day and John Scalzi danced. Dance, my nerd minions, dance!
  • Arizona State University East
    Software Engineering, 2011 - 2014
    Agile practices, software development, databases
  • Mesa Community College
    1999 - 2011
  • Mesa High School
    1997 - 1999
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