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I've got to thank +Mike Determan for getting this one stuck in my head. This is +Rhett Miller (Old 97's) from his CD released last month. With any luck we'll connect a date on his current tour to do a Hangout concert. Enjoy! 
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I am a huge Rhett Miller fan, thanks for getting this in my head, too!
+Sharon Strandskov With a little luck we'll make a Hangout concert happen. +Mike Determan is a local videographer and friend of mine that's shot concert of Old 97's at Summerfest. I'll do a little arm-twisting.. of one or both of them to make it happen. (And invite you to the Hangout.) 
+Tom Rolfson That would be so awesome!! (and thank you, that would be amazing! The Instigator is still one of my favorite albums, but all of his music-- solo and with the Old 97s-- is so wonderful)
 I am a huge fan of them and having filmed for them they are really cool artists! When we were filming for them unlike most artists they gave me the best advice, just go out there and have fun cause that is what they do. Most artist have an issue on where the cameras and camera people are at all times. But they were so cool and didnt care, best concert and band i have ever worked with. 
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