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This could be a good thing for those looking to make informed decisions. Go read the first 50 posts you see on Facebook, are these the people you want guiding your healthcare or purchase decisions?
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Posts like this make me think your name should be Tom Rofl, son. Bing is a joke. Social search on bing even more so.
+Andrij Harasewych Thanks.. I think. Seriously, I try to find humor in any situation.

Hey.. I wonder what kind of Facebook results would show-up if you searched "cat puke". (this goes back to an old inside joke about there being a woman on FB who posted.. everytime her cat puked.)
Over 800 friends on FB, and social search with Bing is just as useless as Bing is. Whenever someone asks which search engine is better, I just tell them to do an identical search on both and compare the quality of results. The answer is clear.
Just as Google (and other products / companies) mature, they make adjustments and enhancements. This was a pretty major overhaul that Bing had so it will obviously take some refinement to get it to where the public thinks it should be. Feedback in the form of commentary, posting, and interacting directly with the platform (clicks / views) will hopefully help Microsoft continue to enhance their product offering.
But they've had quite some time with Bing's regular search, and it still is not up to par. To throw on Facebook social search as an added layer just as a response to Google, clearly shows that Microsoft is just fine following trends, and not getting back to actually leading an industry through innovation.
+David Moore I agree, they can probably make it much stronger. I think it's a massive mistake on Microsoft's part to 'marry' Facebook in their search results though. Now if their users come to expect FB results, they are dependent on FB... not the other way around. Remember when FB and Twitter both said they didn't want their stuff used in Google search, then when Google included G+ results they both complained that they were excluded? Now it's the opposite... Microsoft can't bite the hand that feeds them (social results).
A few days ago a friend of mine said in a FB post that he was going to Cuba. So I did a bing search for 'Cuba' and the social results pain said there was no activity.

Sorry Bing, this is a basic search term that you should have picked up on easily.
I agree +Andrij Harasewych - they have had significant time with the core engine. I don't use them (I'm a little biased I suppose :-) so can't speak to their overall accuracy, but reports suggest they have made steady improvements. The bottom line is they simply leverage a different algorithm - probably many of the same signals, just different weighting and priority. They started behind the curve but have made sigifnant progress over the last few years.

I think you also have a good point +Tom Rolfson (and Andrij) about attaching your collective destiny to other external interests. There is the semblance of a symbiotic relationship that is being established... Unfortunately, one of the entities in that relationship is much more dependent on the other at this point. It could change (perhaps Bing ends up provided algorithm assistance in implementing core search within FB or something) but right now there is definitely one party that is more vulnerable than the others.
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