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My Engagers circle that has been requested and passed around since mention in the story. Add this circle and supercharge your G+ experience.

Tom Rolfson shared a circle with you.
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Huge payoff after I added this Circle 'cause my stream has been quite lively since then. One of the best Circles all in all. +Tom Rolfson here is perhaps second only to +Robert Scoble when it comes to Circle curation. Good job sir!
I agree. I added this circle a few days ago and it really improved my G+ experience. At first it was overwhelming, but I've sorted through into smaller circles. There are some great people in here. Highly recommended!
same here, I've been meaning to thank you +Tom Rolfson for sharing this circle, I've certainly found it to be a huge boost to my enjoyment of google+
Feel free to add me in too if you wish have a verified thingee
Thank you all, I'm glad to help the G+ community.

+Brian Miller Yeah, I had my thingee verified. ;) Good to see you here, does this mean you've come over from farcebook the dark side to stay?
not sure...gotta get the rest of my friends to switch first
+Brian Miller Add this circle and you're going to find a ton of great content, fun and smart people here. Your real friends and family will follow or still use email. Once they discover Hangouts, the increased privacy and see the number of businesses that are going to move here... they'll follow.
+Tom Rolfson Thank you so very much for including me in this circle! I'm afraid I've missed it - but what Forbes article?
Thanks, Tom! Love to see people curating like this. And thanks for including me!
can you add me to the list please? :)
+Tom Rolfson thanks for your generosity. Although it's been 4 months since you posted this, I got to find this through a reshare - pretty cool :) Looking forward to connecting with anyone through Google Circles.
+Lincoln Lim Glad to meet you! This is a perfect example of how a small investment in the G+ community keeps on giving. :)
would be great to be added, i am an engaged photographer :)
+Peter Meier this circle is extinct but I've added you to a new photog circle I'll be sharing soon. 
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