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RIP Carroll Shelby - You put the word muscle in Muscle Car.
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Yea, he sure did. I need to put a note on the pictures I took from this year's car show.
We need innovators like him for this day and age!
I sold Fords for a while and the Shelby's were/are leagues above most everything else!
rest in pieces.....he looks old enough to have fallen apart after he died,and his body glass in snow
I bet St, Peter wanted to valet park it!!!
+milton bonet LOL! That's hilarious. But... knowing Shelby, I bet he just downshifted, nailed it, and slid sideways through those pearly gates.
What is a muscle car?But okay i'll check it out
Mark B
Awesome car
Kefka,see the picture of the car he's leaning against? That's got 662 horsepower... from the factory. Shelby worked with almost all American car makers in designing their performance cars.
sorry to see him go you first one was the best but we cant all make winners
And now... we return you to your normally William Howard-troll-free stream.
+Laurel Williamson Yes.. not cool that he's gone, but cool that he was hard racer, great designer, and had the courage to take his passion and make a career that made driving more safe and fun for all of us.
A true artist. You will be missed Mr. Shelby.
It's still not as cool as the Shelby Cobra, or the late 50's Shelby Mustangs. Those were cool. But all the idiotic buff Americans don't care about the classics, they only care about muscle. I feel bad for Carrol, because he came up with those great cars but then stopped designing them. Someone bought the name Shelby and made the car you see above. It's a disgrace to have him pictures next to that car.
that's a nice car!!!:) My sister would want that! And so do I!!!!! And it's blue and silver!!!! Awesome car!!!! (i am not a car freak:P)
Not a Ford person but I do respect what the man brought to the table. RIP Mr. Shelby.
What a loss, very sad news to hear. 
+Sam Loomis Sorry, but that perspective is inaccurate. Carol was involved in the design of the 2013 GT500. Likewise he pursued his passion in design by being involved with the initial design of the Viper which brought back many elements of the original Cobra. The same thing when he started his own manufacturing of the Shelby branded car. They have a tribute up to him at which talks about his involvement right up until his death.
alright terry. or shold i say ms crazy earth hippie?
i love the shelby mustang they rock my number one car
RIP Carroll. You were one of a kind!
So Sad........I Liked That Car :'(
Ty carroll shelby for all the great cars u gave us u will be missed 
Yep Wanna Chat Later?
Yep Best Car Ever........Cry's
Im Flame Frost......Let's Chat And Talk About? huh?
Im a chevy man myself but i still had respect for fords
that is the worst parking job i have ever seen
lol Parking Job That Wat She Said lol
Carroll will forever live in our hearts through the Shelby GT 500
I'll keep the car until he's back, mkay!
Elarno from gone in 60 secs was a ford shelby 500
RIP Mr. Shelby, and thanks for all the great times and memories. What a %$^&)(*^^%$## CAR!!!!
I think he should be put inside a shelby and buried with her.
What a sad day......Mr. Shelby was such an extraordinary man !!
He will live on with incredible respect in the hearts of true race fans forever. : ( . There will never be another man quite like him.......
What, he died!? NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! RIP Mr. Shelby and thank you for all the sweet cars you built.
omg y did he... im mad\super sad now...RIP Shelby
:( ive always wanted one of his Awesome looking cars
this it a truly sad day in the car world!! he will be missed!!
yes he will be missed around here in East Texas. they have the shelby program at the college here.
Anyone older than six, who you have to explain who Carroll Shelby was is not worth the time it took to write this response. Duh!
love this picture i saw on tv when he received this car cool car i've got a 2003 mustang 100 year additition it's a bat but car fast and furious and very sporty i love my mustang did you know that God drives a mustang karol from florida
Umm.......the guy is dead how would he sel it?!?!?!?!?!?
He's be them gears Carroll...
Bummer that man was bad ass and a very good person RIP
NICE MUSTANG !!!!!!!!!! my dad says there ugly?
Sad. That's one of my dream cars 1969 GT 500 Shelby. R.I.P
+Samantha Rumsey They're ugly? Tell him that AMC Pacer he's driving is not exactly what the rest of us would call stylish. ;)
Thankyou for everything, you've truly set the curve for the auto industry R.I.P
Lmao Tom...I bet he wants a Edsel for his collection wait I would take an Edsel nowadays
All those who love the raw horsepower and the wine of a big block firing up has to know that a [muscle car] visionary has left a great mark and impact in all our lives, and will be missed dearly; he [Shelby] changed the marketplace and the mindset as to what's possible.
r.i.p. mr.shelby.he made some pretty awsone cars including the mustang shelby and so on.he will be missed.
He is dead? He is my uncle! Wha!!!! Kidding,but I love him!!
NBC nightly news right now is about to pass something on him. 
no not really muscle in muscle cars
Its like all the good ones are dropping like flies, the good days are dieing. 
Holy shit , I want to steal that car ! jk
+Gary Blewaska Now you sound like Nicholas Cage... as "Eleanor" the car from Gone in 60 Seconds was a '67 Mustang Fastback.
Very sad day, a great driver, designer and person.
Everything before 5/11/2012 + $50,000-$100,000
Absolutely Amazing man. He will be missed.
The muscle car world will never be the
Nica car they still have cars like that not really
A true icon in the Motor Industry. 
R.I.P I used to work at the Dearborn Rouge plant that produce the Mustang , and Carroll Shelby was the plant manager there back in the day, always look out for the regular guy!
wow i would love to drive this baby
I love cobra GTs
Thank you for this concept of idea
sad, the 67 Shelby is my most favorite car!!
There's nothing like an old ShelbyGT and he's work was amazing! R.I.P
The pearly gate has got burnt rubber in front of it and Peter is smiling !!!
Carroll, you will be put the pedal to the medal!!!!
Why is everyone good in the world dying! I mean ralph mcquarrie, Thomas Kinkade, and now Carrol Shelby; They are the true pioneering visionaries of this century and all of them combined aren't getting the recognition that @sshole Steve Jobs got! What is this world coming to!!!
My first car wasn't a Shelby, but it was a beautiful white Mustang..... Oh those college road trips to Galveston with the 8-track pumped up.......+Tom Rolfson
+John Littel -Carroll Shelby doesn't need your respect, you ignorant twit.
+Derek Peterson - So, so, true ! We're losing a fantastic, creative generation, and most still relatively young. T. Kinkade's death saddened me the most I think. He was so tormented, yet made so many people smile in wonder. :-(( P.S. I agree completely about Jobs. Don't get me started.....
That 1000hp beast he just thought up was pretty sweet though.
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