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It's official - we have a loser of the wet t-shirt contest.
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This day is brilliant, this is the 4th post dealing with this kids problematic in less than hour :D
I can´t take any more :DDDDD
+Tony Slacik Oh no... it's all over? I got it in email and hadn't seen it in the stream.
+Tony Slacik Can you point me to one of the others? I'm wondering if they're shares from me or someone else posting. I cropped the pic to make it smaller... taking someone's head and a couple kids to the left of the guy out of the pic.
ای جان چه بامزه یه بابای فوق العاده
Ohhhhhhhhhhh...... at least it's just wet.
I cannot believe this hit the "what's hot." This is the kind of junk that will turn G+ into facebook... thanks alot.
+Jeff Kmet The vast majority of my posts are business and technology related, but you have to shake it up with some humor once in awhile. There's a reason we call them "Social Networks" not "Business Networks" or "Science Networks".
roya kh
hahaaaaaaaa so cool
All in the effort a days work for a parent (or a darn good friend). At least he is doing his part. Embarrassing. Trust me..(weary smile).
hahaha:)) it is good that wetness at your back :D what if it was on your face:D I had once to my face :D:D
We've all peed on our parents...
how could that be good pis is hot....
Whats the dad thinking (* what in the world i thought it would be a little bit more chilly out here. i thought i wouldnt be sweating.*) lol JK!!! i realy feal bad for the dad and the girl. :(
yeah at one point or another we all have peed our pants!!!!!!!
its official, google plus is reddit 5 days ago
nope.... pissed on..... and its better to be pissed off than pissed on....
thats funny, man!!!!!lol
whats the dad thinking (* i thought it would be more chilly out here. i thought i would not be sweating out he... wait a min what stinks.*). lol jk. i realy do feel bad for him
is that sexist or what ?
To bad she does it better cant tell her not to get wet
yes we all know he is stupid.
Seriously... I think ol' Dad should have changed the diaper about an hour before that happened. Might come in handy if he were out hunting Deer or something.
Heck, if he was entering a wet T-Shirt contest he'd be getting wet anyway.
i mean before you left the house
I know how that dad feels. There are worse things in life. :)
If put in an apt manner , he is the winner of the wet - tshirt competition :D
We've all been there! Last time was in a very exciting toy shop - too exciting for my daughter, and I handed the still wee-ing child to my wife resulting in us both being widdle soaked. Not my best decision ever. :)
thats the love of dad.............he has to do the job too
If your a parent you have had something like this happen. But, what a way to win a contest, huh?
Ah, the trials and tribulations of being a dad...
Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt...
Too funny! Ain't life grand! It's THESE moments in life we remember. Hehe...
sure " why not baptise him . Its time for a change !!!
This showed up in the What's Hot feed. You've made it!
There's more than one way to cool off on a hot summer day. Although it takes a minute to start evaporating enough to actually feel cool !
Dear Diary - What a Day it's Been .....
i need a way to get this pic of my screen. ugh, so disgusting
Been there done that .lol
not funny why would make fun of people maybe its just sweat
Piru P
Daddy, I peed your shirt
RHAT IS SO NASTY BUT SO FUNNY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
somebody needs a diaper!lol
omg i though that was the disine on the back of your shirt
Mary M
Seems the young 'un is a little pissed off!
God I thought he was poopin liquid O.o
I'm at a loss for words. Except only a parent could even begin to handle that. LOL!
That's why little girls have daddy's with wide shoulders, if that's all that she does to him to cause him embarrassment through their life together, it will be a small price to pay. LOL
That awkwared moment when your 2 year old daughter pees on you...
Right Blake, like water off a duck's back.
As long as it doesn't happen to me I will continue laughing.
... As he walked into the Adoption Agency.
LOL it so funny the baby pee the guy t-shirt HaHaHa
Ahmed M
@Everyone STOP SAYING LOL. lmao i've seen like 5 sets of 7 lols in a row... change it up a bit..?
Now that's a Dad that loves his daughter or he's still looking for mom to change the diaper???
i'd like to think about it more like the winnre of the best father of the year
Ellen T
one word fake word: ew
Best FOY? C'mon all you have to do is have a baby piss on yo back? My mom had to deal with that for years ˆˆ
A true "lol". Thanks, I needed that. (-:
i was exactly there - in the mall when my boy was 1.
On the contrary, I think he totally won that one...
nice i wonder who that guys is
ohh wow hope the girl does not(swett) more
I'm a mother & grandmother. I'll take pee over vomit any day, and I've done both.
I think it shows just what a dad will put up with...
that is sad he does not feel nothing at all
he's gonna have some serious backne for awhile :P
THAT SUCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol, i can't stop laughing! HA HA HA HA HA HA
better than a vomit bonnet I guess
Looks like someone is a little wet there... :)
did the baby take a piss or you just sweating?
God love 'em, but if that was my child, we'd have issues.
Oh man is he going to be unhappy.
Not my kid. its yours now.
oh, que lindo, me gusta, le doy mucho besos a la bebe.
+Tom Rolfson Oh dear Tom, sorry i was away, missed the opportunity and not yet been looking for the photos. I´ll try to find them and will send it to you. However it might take a while since i am right now quite under pressure in school and not have much time. But i keep it in mind. Till then best wishes and thanks for such an interest in that :D
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