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Car guys (and gals), motorheads, videographers... you'll love this.

h/t +Amid Yousef 
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If only it were that quick and clean.
Thank you for that, gave me something to watch at lunch
+George Cohn Yeah, I'd like to just see the camera used. It either got very greasy and oil-covered.. or he spent a lot of time cleaning it too.
+Joe Gross You're welcome. I don't share many videos.. but when I do... I believe they're likely worth the time to the majority of my followers.
Also, how did he do all that wrenching without cranking it around and making jerky time lapse?  Maybe he actually did the disassembly in advance and then put it back together and then did his filming.
+George Cohn If he had the camera on a tripod he could reference the last picture taken for positioning the next. Still no small effort.. these pics and this video probably added many hours to the time to do the project.
+Eveline Aebi There must be some extras.. everytime I've rebuilt one I've had spare parts.  ;) 
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