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Possible & Portent collaboration on the cards? #SEO  

After discovering today that the Moz (+Moz) directory list,, now 301 redirects to, I did a little more research.

Looking at the whois data for ( you can see that it is registered under the name of Ian Lurie. +Ian Lurie is of course the founder and CEO of Portent (+Portent).

We've seen a lot of new tools from Portent lately, including the content idea generator: - so if the two teams are working together, it will be interesting to see what they come up with and what direction it takes the two companies. 
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Hi Tom,

We've given the "keys" to our directories list/database to +Ian Lurie , who is collaborating with +Mackenzie Fogelson and Distilled to put together a more robust and scalable solution for directories. With everything else we've got going on, we decided that curating the directories list was beyond the time/resources we have to devote to it. I know this gang of trusted providers will do a great job with it! Other than redirecting the page and handing over the existing list, +Moz won't be actively involved with the project.
How exciting! Thanks very much for sharing in such great detail Ruth!
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