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Tom Roberts
Once tipped a stripper with a Fillet-o-Fish.
Once tipped a stripper with a Fillet-o-Fish.

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Off to the ballet tonight. That's right, the ballet. I'll also be wearing my red chinos. #rarara

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#MozCast  Feature Alert. Last night, Google began testing paid content in Knowledge Graph boxes. As you may know, they recently launched KG boxes with car makes and models (ex. Last night, the following version popped up (see image; red box added) - noticed "Dealers nearby"? Those listings are paid content. It's just one niche, of course, but this has major implications for both PPC and local SEO.

Thank you Madiba.

The new testimonial/review ad extension is an absolute gold mine for finding sites to guest post on/write content for. #SEO

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How To Handle An Important Page Disappearing From Google - Great blog post from +Steve Morgan  #SEO   #CaseStudy  

The new Google+ profile layout is much, much better!

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How Google Might Use the Context of Links to Identify Link Spam

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#RorschachDoodle I see... two T-Rex's dancing on top of medicine balls.

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Fantastic guide!
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