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This message is for +Samsung USA and +Sprint:

Below is a rather significant problem with your Galaxy S II Epic 4G Touch. When plugged in, the touchscreen doesn't reliably respond to input.

Looking online it looks like it has been a problem with other Samsung phones in the past.

+Android Police, do you know anything about this bug?
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I have the same problem with my SGSII E4GT. When charging, the screen becomes unreliable and I cannot accurately navigate anywhere in the phone.
For me -- I've noticed the same issue dependin on USB or just regular chargin...doing more research to help
Weird. Mine works fine. I used to have this problem with my HTC EVO 4G when I used a cheap charger I got from eBay. I'm sure you did and I doubt it matters, but have you tried changing your charging source? Ie. not going to a nearby outlet, but maybe another one on a different side of your house or in another place.
+Kristopher Perovic Wow, that is interesting. I tried charging it through my Evo charger at work and I have no problems. Thanks for the insight!
Yeah. I use an old evo charger and it works fine but it acts up with the samsung charger.
I've had the problems with the OG Evo charger -- I will say I noticed more problems when it was USB
Try a different USB cable. My home cable charger does this but not my work one. Also pressing the power button several times to just put the phone to sleep/wake it back up sometimes makes the screen responsive.
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