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I occasionally forget this exists...

Google's never been reliable in terms of their products; the things come and go on a whim. But even for Google, the handling of Allo and Duo has been painful. It's like they abandoned these ones a couple weeks in. 
Allo should be buried deep, just not in the Play Store

Google's handling of messaging is horrifically bad. Why should anyone adopt any Google communications product when they may just abandon it tomorrow. This is not a space in which you can keep trhowing new products at the wall and hoping on sticks. You make one product the best you can, and iterate it based on user feedback.
Any useful features of Allo and Duo (if any) should have just been integrated into Hangouts. Argghh...

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The diabolical +Brook Drumm​ has stolen my idea! (

In all seriousness, this looks like an excellent upgrade and it's always awesome to see a company supporting its core userbase like this. I've always felt very confident recommending PrintrBot products to friends and colleagues, knowing that the team stands behind their machines and keeps the improvements coming long after other manufacturers would move on.

I'll probably stick with my own metric Z rod setup as its been working great for me, but that retrofit G2 controller...definitely have my eye on that one. 
Upgrade your Printrbot Simple to 4 start 8mm Acme rod!

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I've never met the man, but I can tell you just from following his page here on G+ for the last year or so, that the creations of +Mark Miller​​ are some of the most brilliant and consistently impressive things I've seen online in a very long time.

While most are content to get an Arduino to blink a few LEDs, Mark is developing practical and fantastical machines from the ground up at a pace that seems unreal.

I don't usually go for people asking for personal funding online; but in Mark's case I definitely suggest that anyone who has an interest in making/hacking/engineering both check him out and see if you can spare a few bucks to make it easier for him to keep pumping out his magic. 
Don't feel obligated to donate, but I am unfunded this year(again) and going to ask for a few donations to buy what I need to build more machines, robots and contraptions.

Looking forward to a great year of innovation, funded or not....Getting used to scraping and scrounging, it just makes everything happen so much slower...
Of course as usual--My insane creations have no boundaries. May the farce be with me.......Enjoy the show.

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Warm up your extruders. 
Some minor changes left before i release the files for the OpenRC FPV 220 mini quad. Stay tuned.


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PrintrBot Simple Metal Metric Z Conversion

Seems the end is near for the old school PrintrBot Simple, so upgrading from the proprietary parts we probably won't be able to get for much longer seems prudent.

GitHub page has the OpenSCAD source, STL, and some installation info.

Also up on Thingiverse:

PrintrBot SM Z Slipping when Autolevel Disabled

Kind of a fringe case here I'm looking for some input on. I'll try to bring you guys up to speed briefly.

I recently changed out the Z threaded rod for a 8 mm lead screw, which made the Z movement much smoother. You can easily spin the screw with your fingertips to move Z up and down when the printer is off.

I also installed a print surface from PrintinZ. Because of how I wanted to mount to the aluminum bed, I needed to turn off auto leveling as it would crash into the mounting hardware. But since my bed was physically leveled with spring washers under the screws anyway, I didn't think it would be a problem.

As I expected, the prints still came out perfectly since the automatic bed leveling wasn't really compensating for anything in my case to begin with.

Current Problem:
I've noticed that on some prints (usually large ones with a lot of moves) I get messed up layers, and upon close inspection have determined that the Z rod is occasionally spinning backwards! Sometimes it's so slight I wonder if I'm not imagining it, other times it knocks backwards almost as far as it does forwards on a layer change. The movements are almost always accompanied by a strange "thunk" noise.

My theory is that because the Z action is now so smooth, and that the firmware isn't constantly working the Z stepper, that enough movement causes the Z arm to slide back down and smash the layer its working on.

As confirmation, if I turn autolevel back on the issue does go away.

Can anyone think of a solution where I can keep autolevel turned off but not have Z slip back down? I was looking for some kind of software option to keep Z energized even when not actively moving, but my Google-fu seems to be failing me.

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Finally Burnout Paradise will be backwards compatible. Its been too long since I've burned around the city...

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Excellent read. 
This is a rare - very rare - moment of self-awareness from the mainstream media. May there be much more like it.
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