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Recently, I've been testing Pay What You Want invoicing for my business clients.

To say the results have been incredible is an understatement.

Click to keep reading and find out the by-the-numbers breakdown of my per hour rate as well as lessons I've learned over the last two months to improve my PWYW consulting rate (and overall impact).
“According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, the average hourly wage [for lawyers] in Read more
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Two great webinars, an amazing interview, and one $50,000 launch.

Wow, what a week. 

First, the webinars:

Just finished up with two webinars.

One was on #PWYW pricing for artists, cohosted by +Cory Huff  of +The Abundant Artist  You can find the replay link here:

It's encouraged more than one person to start selling their art using generosity-based pricing, as well as add #charity to the mix:

Amira - thanks a million for the kind words and so glad it inspired you 

- - -

The second webinar was on building a #heartcenteredbusiness cohosted by +Jason Spencer of  We helped two people build $100,000 business models from scratch using the #leancanvas model and #leanstartup approach.

Will be sharing the link when a replay goes live shortly.

Just so you know - this webinar was created to give a taste of just one part of what we'll be doing for 7 intense days with a small group of entrepreneurs in person in Asheville NC.

This program is called The Flight Formula - and it's the FIRST EVER generosity-based, #gifteconomy, business #incubator....ever. As in - never been done before.

Jason brought me on board to lead the gift-economy pricing model for the program. I told him we should get rid of price all together. Jason agreed.

So far, we're headed toward a $50,000 launch for this program.

Yes, you heard right. $50k for a program that has no price tag.

If you don't believe pay what you want works, I'd like you to reconsider.

- - -

Finally, I got to sit down with +Andrew Warner  of +mixergy to talk #startups and business building from the ground up - an interview that will be featured in the next issue of Insurgent Publishing's The Creative Entrepreneur:

In case you don't know, Mixergy is one of the most popular business education platforms in the world, and his podcast is one of the top ranked in the world. 

Andrew has interviewed 1,000 of the word's best entrepreneurs and gotten to learn from their successes and mistakes. Point is - his brain is a wealth of knowledge.

In this interview, Andrew was kind enough to get really detailed and tell us the most common MISTAKE new entrepreneurs make (and how to avoid it), and the most common characteristics of the most #elite entrepreneurs in the world (the characteristics that separate good from GREAT entrepreneurs and business owners).

Awesome interview. Learned a ton. Excited to share it with subscribers of The Creative Entrepreneur this July:

(thanks a million for the interview Andrew!)

- - -

So yeah, it's been a pretty wild week.

New opportunities are popping up every day now and the tough part is choosing which projects to commit to and which to (sadly) turn down.

I never thought I'd be where I am only 6 months out from leaving the Army. 

I always knew this homeless veteran had it in him 

Speaking of veterans....

I'm getting ready to launch a new #veterans only elite mastermind with +John Lee Dumas  and +Antonio Centeno  (basically two of the smartest entrepreneurs I've ever met; both veterans, and both passionate about helping veterans transition out of the military and into a successful and lucrative civilian career).

If you're a vet, sign up here for more info:


Alright, that's all I got. 

For the 3 people who read to the end of this post, you're awesome and better than everyone else. 

Thanks from the bottom of my heart for your time and attention (I don't deserve it...but I'll take it).

#jointheresistance #createyourlifeswork #longestfacebookpostever? #belikeme #pwywworksitoldyouso +Courtney Morkes 
Like this webinar? How much was it worth to you?
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That is awesome!
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Tom Morkes

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Tom Morkes

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Love it and looking forward to the discussion.
Stand Out or Be Left Out

Today's content marketer has to do more than just produce quality content. They have to find a way to make that content stand out above the noise or never receive the revenue generating attention necessary to survive.

My special guests are:

+Tommy Walker from 
+Tom Morkes from

If you can't make the live show the video replay will be on YouTube (subscribe here: ) and the audio only podcast will be available on:

iTunes -
Stitcher -
Subscribe by email -

#contentmarketing   #contentwarfare   #contentstrategy  
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Ryan Hanley. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
Renegade Content Marketing | Content Warfare TV
Thu, February 20, 3:00 PM
Hangouts On Air

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Tom Morkes

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Want to become the best in the world in your business?

Then subscribe to The Creative Entrepreneur, the world's premier business and arts journal for successful entrepreneurs.

You'll become the best in the world by learning from world-class entrepreneurs like Steven Pressfield (bestselling author of The War of Art), John Lee Dumas (host of one of the most successful business podcasts on the planet: Entrepreneur On Fire), Pat Flynn (Founder of Smart Passive Income and author of Let Go), and many others.

Not to mention - a portion of every dollar you donate goes straight to funding entrepreneurs in third world countries, making this the only socially conscious business journal on the planet.

Subscribe today to become the best in the world by learning from the masters of their craft and become an angel investor for those who truly need it.
Jolene Davies's profile photoTom Morkes's profile photo
Just some of the incredible people you'll learn from in this journal: 

+John Lee Dumas 
+Steven Pressfield 
+John Corcoran 
+Natalie Sisson 
+Herby Fabius 
+Jason Van Orden 
+Justin Harmon 
+Stephanie Arsoska 
+Faith Watson 
+Leah Hynes 
+Nazrin Murphie 
+Clay Hebert 
+Brett Henley 
+Chris Guillebeau 
+Pat Flynn 
+Danny Iny 
+Adam Baker 
+Nick Loper 

Plus, we've teamed up with Kiva to help finance entrepreneurs in 3rd world countries with no-interest loans.  

A portion of every dollar you donate (from 10% - 100% : you decide), goes to supporting hard-working entrepreneurs who don't have access to the same financial resources we are blessed with in the west.

Subscribe today to learn from the best in the world and become an angel investor for those who need it most.

What could be a better christmas present than that?
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I love the +Toggl app.

It has seriously helped transform my business...I now work less and make more money (my productivity has skyrocketed).

If you're interested in finding out more, here's an article I wrote for the Toggl Blog on how I used Toggle to get these results.

I also talk about obese people and diaries.

#nobigdeal   #jointheresistance  #createyourlifeswork
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The ONLY business incubator that builds companies from the heart first.

If you want to build a business you're proud of, this is the program for you.

(And check out the insane gift we're giving to students...seriously - are we nuts for doing this?)

#gifteconomy #pwyw #businessincubator #bringyourvisiontolife
In case you missed this live last week, an incredibly inspiring conversation about incubating your dream - the mindset it takes to launch a heart-centric, purpose driven business... the risks, the leap, the fear -- via +Tom Morkes +Adrian Hoppel +Cindy Reed  +Asher Leigh +Ron Czecholinski and the entire crew.

Here's the google hangout replay link:

#motivationmonday   #marchmadness   #hangouts  
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Tom Morkes

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A new essay I wrote that was published on one of the biggest writer's websites in the world ( by +Jeff Goins ).

Thanks for the kind words +Ryan Hanley 
Success Requires Daily Risk Taking

If you're not familiar with +Tom Morkes and the work he's doing you need to get familiar. 

Tom is a combat veteran of Iraq and perfectly mixes the intensity of soldier with calm enthusiasm of an artist in everything he does.

Not to mention he's been a guest on Content Warfare TV... TWICE!

Check out this fantastic guest post he contributed to +Jeff Goins blog.

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Tom Morkes

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Proud to be featured on +Jeff Goins blog today.

Writing is a lot like going to war.

I know, I've done both.

In this essay, I share a few of the lessons I learned while leading troops in combat to writing and publishing.

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Thank you for sharing your strength and experience! Going outside the wire is what I believe, art is about. Taking the risk to share my perspective, be it esthetic or down right ugly!

I am looking forward to reading more!
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Tom Morkes

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Really humbled by +Ryan Hanley words about my most recent essay on the creative war and why it pays to be the underdog (even if its sometimes hard to realize).

Thanks Ryan!
"Bringing a vision to life is hard as hell."


+Tom Morkes delivers a message we need to here. That achieving our goals takes work. I beat this drum all the time, over and over and over again and I'm sure many of you are sick of hearing me say this...

...but success is NOT easy, quick and cheap.

That's why so few have it.

And by success I don't just mean corner office on 5th Avenue.

You want more time with you family? You have to work to put processes, people and tools in place that allow you to freedom to be with those you love.

There is no such thing as work/life balance. It's a scheme to get us to buy more books...

You work to have the life that brings you balance.

#successhabits   #workharder   #contentwarfare  
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Graduated Deans list from the United States Military Academy at West Point with a double major in Russian and Human Geography.

Spent 5 years as a commissioned officer in the Army, including 12 months deployed to Iraq.

Held multiple leadership positions, including Battalion Convoy Security Platoon Leader in Iraq, Battalion S-3 for a Special Forces Battalion, and Headquarters Detachment Commander in a Special Forces unit (where I got to jump out of helicopters more than I would have liked).

Currently the president of Insurgent Publishing, where I work with incredible writers and artists to bring to life ideas that matter.

If you want to get inside my brain, check out my blog, where I apply what I learned leading troops in combat to entrepreneurship, art and writing.

Interested in working with me, getting published, having me speak at your conference/meetup, or write for your publication?  Shoot me an email (check out for info).
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