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Very well chuffed to have +Wil Harris ont he show today. We'll talk Windows 8 booting in 8 seconds, Why you can't trust the cloud, and AOL starts dressing slutty
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Wil Harris is missing out by not being on G+!
What's with the All Black jersey? Why not USA? We're (Ireland) playing you on Sunday. It's so on...
Yea peeps I'm not the droid you're lookin for!!!
You should go with a Wallabies jersey.
With a name like +Gareth Williams I hope you'll be supporting the Welsh team tomorrow night against South Africa :-)
+Tom Merritt Please, I beg of you to do an episode that doesn't mention the word "patent". Just one episode.... all I ask....
+Rob King .. do you expect a current news show on the TWiT network to just ignore a really big current situation in the tech industry?
No, but I expect it to at least have some variety. I accept that patents are a big thing but they're just not very exciting when you hear about them every day.
It Tech NEWS today. Not Tech ENTERTAINMENT today. They are reporting what is relevant, not always meant to be a variety to please everyone. If you want to stop hearing about it write to your congressmen about the problem rather than just covering your ears.
+james mckey You're right, I don't have to listen. I cut the cord with BOL and 404 a while ago, so I guess I can do the same with TNT.
Wil Harris is awesome. He is TWiT worth. Nice Get!
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