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Tech News Today with guest +Darren Kitchen 

Why I love Windows 8, Investors think Apple's record sales suck, Samsung rips off Apple by making money
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Everybody copies each other in the tech industry.  As for loving Windows 8 Mr Merritt.  L word should be reserved for you're wife, not some Microsoft code.  After using Windows 8 myself, dam code drove me to almost putting my head in the oven. Then I remembered it's electric ha ha. Apple computers can sleep soundly tonigh!
My disappointment was finding my old Office Professional 2003 isn't compatible with Windows 8 -- which kills my getting the upgrade on this old machine and actually pushes me closer to getting a non Windows machine as a replacement. 
I have to agree with the love to Windows 8 so far, honeymoon period ON.
Perhaps Apple should start selling CDs or even digital downloads instead of records if record sales are so disappointing....wait, are you talking about the computer company?
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