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Don't freak out, Tech News Today fans, but we're toying-- JUST TOYING-- with the idea of moving the live Tech News Today time to 10 AM Pacific/2 PM Nova Scotia. (1 PM Eastern. Oops)

Positives: Podcast out in time for east cost drive home. Consistent start time, easier to get International guests, frees up TWiT afternoons for other new shows

Negatives: news breaks afterwards, so not ALL the news of the day, might be harder to get some east coast guests, since still in work day, content is older on morning drives the next day

We're not even close to decided on this, but I brought the idea up in our staff meeting yesterday and nobody thought it was awful, so I thought we should see what folks in the audience think.

PS: To +Jason Howell I know you're on vacation and I promise we won't do anything until I get a chance to hear what you think about this when you get back!
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Damn, I was just really loving the 6p.m. Eastern Start time, I had enough time to get home and catch the show live... I can still watch at 2p.m. but it was becoming the dinner time ritual with the wife..
I approve as an east coast drive timer. But listen will listen either way.
You are never going to get all of the news, all of the time. Just do what works and go for the new time slot.
I like the idea because I could watch live from my desk
and when is framerate going to be moved to?
personally I am fine with tnt moving to 10. but I want framerate..
The ghost of BOL rears its head? (It started around 10ish am PT too).
By moving that early your really Tech News Yesterday, not Tech News Today.... the majority of the business day will still be ahead of the show...
Can the news ribbon at the screen bottom be far behind? 8^)

I usually have to catch the recoded copy anyway so no problem.
+Steve Heistand Obviously we'd have to find a new time for Frame Rate and FLOSS Weekly if we did this. So of course Randall would have to be cool with it too. As I said, early early stages of deciding.
I like TNT being toward the end of the day to wrap up the day's events. If you move TNT, maybe we could also have a Tech News Tonight
Oooo, over the lunch cst. That would be nice.
I like the idea. I would also suggest maybe doing news updates between other programs. Perhaps this could be one by other staff members from the studio control console.
In argentina will be lunch time instead of dinning time, good for me so
Is there a Poll? I vote yes to the earlier time!
Works for me here in North Carolina!
That would be great actually. I rarely get to tune in because it usually comes on around dinner/family time. If it was on earlier I could watch live and probably hop in the chatroom a bit.
can't really stream at work, almost always listen to audio on train the next morning. My 0.02$ : keep it later, more will be covered. :)
What about doing an AM & PM TNT?
Wouldn't that make it more like Tech News Yesterday?
Freshness of the news by a few hours is irrelevant since most listen to the recorded show. Go for it TNT.
The earlier time is great for me in the UK - It usually airs between 10pm and 11pm here, but it'd air at 6pm GMT if you did it at 10am PST. That'd be awesome, as I wouldn't have to stay up late or watch the recording every time :P Also, it'd be perfect for UK guests, if you ever wanted a UK guest - 10pm is not podcast time. ^_^

Just my 2¢ - or I suppose 2 pence, since I'm in the UK. Maybe. (How much is $0.02 in £?)
Then it will be more aptly titled 'Tech News Yesterday'. I don't like the idea at all. I listen every evening while walking the dogs and it's a great summary of what happened that day. 
I like the move. I'm not as concerned about the breaking news. I think of TNT more as a daily digest for tech news. If you want up to the minute hit the rss feeds or The Verge
Love it.
Yes Please, I live on East Coast and want to listen to news on my way back.

Also, did anyone analyze the news release timings? When do most of news break? Mornings, Afternoons or Evenings?

I think people who want to listen to TNT on their way to work in the morning, can switch to evening.
I worry that much of the news will be a day stale. Do you have data for stories you report on that broke between this proposed time and the new time?
That would be extremely awesome. Just like in the days of BOL...
+Tom Merritt starting at the old BOL time is ok but as a main con is that most news break typically after 12pm PST. Since I'm still at work at either time, I get my TNT fix the next day so it really doesn't make a difference to me except that the news might be a little behind.

BOL experienced this towards the end. TNT had fresher news so when I played TNT and BOL, it shows the difference of 4 hours.

If the 10 am PST would be the new schedule, how about adding a 5 minute, end of day recap (ala News Fuse) at around 3-4pm PST?
+Dale Dietrich then maybe they should do it at 11:30pm PDT to make sure they get as much as possible before the day's over. :)
I really like this idea! I've usually just gotten home from work when you go live so I wait until the next day anyway. So, "that's a yes from me!"
i like this idea better
I have to disagree with +Chris Chapman with it being good for the UK. While it is easier to watch it live, I rarely get to do that and with the 10am slot +Tom Merritt and guys would be reporting yesterdays news, which means when I get to watch it the following morning in the Uk the news will be 2 days old.

I can say from experience that this is what happened with BOL which is why I loved TNT at 4pm.
Nooo... change is bad! ;)
Probably not the most helpful comment, but I'm sure I'm not alone...either time/anytime is fine. I don't/can't listen live and the show will be great either way. Just keep doing a daily!
Just thought - Liquid Friday could be very messy by the end of the day. Another reason to do it.
I think this is great speaking for the central standard time. Its during lunch time for us so im sure people can get away to watch. The time TNT has sit in the end of the day so i find myself sometimes having to wait because we are on the road headed home from work. My 2 cents.
As a left-coaster, I selfishly prefer the current time. You guys come out just in time for my drive home, and with fairly recent news.
I'd miss watching during supper, but I could then watch it at work instead. That change would work for me.....
I'm one of those people who listen in the car on the way to work the next morning, so I like the time where it is now so that the content is a bit fresher.
Time to make the obligatory "ghost town" comment just about now . . .
I think it's a good idea. My biggest complaint has been the inconsistent start time because I like to listen live. Thanks for the show.
I think it's a bad idea. the last tech news podcast in that slot got cancelled after seven years.
If you change it?!? we will follow ;-)
I'm a morning drive listener, and I look forward to hearing about the news that breaks as I'm on my drive home, so I'm probably in the leave it where it is placement :)
If you moved it earlier, I would be able to listen the same day (assuming the audio is posted by 5pm EST)... so I say move it earlier!
I've worked in News for 20 years and you NEVER get all the news that happens in a day anyway. Coverage of "breaking news" the next day (or that night which is why we have 10pm and 11pm newscasts) is often better reported with confirmed information AND well thought analysis. Reporting on breaking news from 5pm at 6pm is more "reacting' to the news then giving us a 'report'. Love the early time giving us the podcast for 6pm (I listen after directing the 6pm newscast) and then looking forward to more detailed, in depth reports on late breaking stuff for the next day.
Put me down as a thumbs up for the earlier time.
Some of your east coast guests may actually find it easier to be on the show. innocent whistles
As an East coaster, earlier would work better for me. If I'm going through one of my news-crazy phases, I've already heard the news before the show, and if I'm not, I don't care at all if some of the news is a day late.
I don't know. Like everyone else said, you'd be missing half a day of news. And I'm usually one that thinks if you move stuff around, you lose your audience (ie BOL). That said, it's your decision. Do whatever you want.
I watch live most days and I enjoy the pre- and post-show interactions. Selfishly, this change would be bad for me since I'm almost never home at 10am but, as news breaks all day long, maybe this change would help get more international coverage on TNT.

Whichever way you decide to go, how about a live 2 minute morning or afternoon update (a la "Science News Weekly" or your TWiT weekly upcoming events) giving either a preview teaser or post-mortem of the day's events. It would really be helpful this brief update was broadcast at the EXACT same time each day (like "traffic and weather on the eights") so I could tune in no matter where I am. 
+Rich Koning The important thing is for the show to be after the business day. The relevant business day is the West Coast since much of the tech news emanates from Silicon Valley.
Noooo! Stale news is stale. Not to mention the ramifications on liquid Friday! EST viewer fwiw.
I like the idea of being able to watch it live at 1pm. Now ai am watching the next day.
Yes on this time change. With news breaking around the world there is always something breaking... More around the world guest. I enjoy this part due to different views of what is going on. It is a world news program.
10AM works for me. I would love having the audio up for my drive home every afternoon!
I usually watch TNT each night just after the download is available on XBMC or Google TV (8/9pm Eastern time). You are the experts in tech news so I suspect that you know better than I as to how/when most news is released. Obviously there will always be breaking news and nothing can be done about that. If 80% of stories come out in the morning then maybe that is good enough. I trust you guys to chose a delivery time that best fits the product you deliver. 
maybe do two, regionalized podcasts. one later on in the day for the west coast people with references wacky things in San Francisco and LA, and one earlier in the day with hilarious thick new york accents and talk about scrapple and the yankees.
One more positive--at 10:00am means the show would start on time more often than not, something that can't be said for your afternoon time slot. 
I'd really like to see a morning news show for the East Coast, and would still want to watch and evening news show also.
Although the live audience is understandably the most present in your minds, since they actually participate, helping you do the show, the on-demand podcast audience is larger. I think you should optimize the time for your production needs in your timezone and the rest of the audience(s) in other timezones will adjust.
Hi guys, I from UK, so currently I listen to the show the morning after it's recorded. Which is fine, as you guys usually cover the same stories that most UK tech news outlets are reporting in the morning. So changing to earlier time means you'll be slightly more out of date for me, as I'll probably not watch you live when I get home from work and I download podcasts overnight, so they queued up for my morning listening pleasure :-) But either way I'll keep listening!
YES! This would be great. My commute home (Austin TZ) usually end as the live version is starting so I'm a day late. You can always delay the schedule if there is something really important going on early I supposed.
I don't think it is reasonable to do two casts a day (RE: AM/PM time). How much tech news comes out of the east coast? Besides earning calls, most news is west coast heavy.

On the other hand, most news is already out by 12PM east coast time anyway.
I think the pluses outweigh the negatives. There will always be news coming out, so just talk about it the next day! Your show still rocks regardless!
Personally, I download the show the following day. So for me, I prefer the opportunity to have the latest news from the afternoon before.
I say do two shows! :)

Leo has talked about doing a morning show for a while now. Do one in the morning and one in the evening. The best of both worlds.
It's 2PM Atlantic Standard Time, ( a half hour later in Newfoundland)

BTW maybe you could do TNT in the early time slot and ION for the later time
10:00 pacific would be 18:00 here in the UK, so the live show would be smack in the middle of my commute. This would kill my ability to watch live as reception on the London Underground is somewhat limited ;)
+Russell Heilling Oh yeah - in my earlier comment, I completely failed to acknowledge the Tube. Remember that time there were plans for WiFi in the trains? Ah, wake up and smell the vapourware. :P
You can always have a 5 min daily chaser akin to science news weekly to cover the news that "broke" at 3 pm PST.
The appeal of TNT is the perpective you give the news.... Hope that helps
I think it's funny that some of you fear the show would become "Tech News Yesterday" because we already get called that by a buynch of people who listen on their way home from work before we record the show. I think +Bryan Spellman has a good point up there. News breaks all the time. You can never have the freshest news, because there is almost always something that breaks between the time you record and the time people listen.

I can tell you with some certainty that most fo the stories on most days are already in the lineup for TNT by 9:30 AM. We do shift stuff around and we do add a few stories over the course of the day, but it doesn't change much.

I've done it both ways. The nice thing about the afternoon recording time is that you have consecutive hours without sleep to prep for the show.
This is true. Whenever I'm booked on the show, I spend a good part of my day preparing by reading all the stories and trying to contextualize them so that I can explain them in my own words. Granted, being on the east coast gives me an advantage even if the show switches to the morning because I've already been up and looking at the news for three hours by the time Iyaz gets out of bed.
central timers who work can't watch your show live anyway so it couldn't hurt :)
+Chris Chapman There are still plans for free wifi on the tubes - I think they are planning on getting it live before the olympics - but it will only be in the stations, not in the tunnels.
Joe T
As an east-cost boy I'd love for TNT to be my drive time listen. Although the way work has been I tend to be able to stream it live on my drive home at its current time. BTW I use the WIndowsPhone TWiT app to stream the show and to watch the archived video. Great app from Lyalinlabs.
If only I had something other then Edge service on my phone! I'll still have to wait until the next day to listen. Oh well, I'm used to being a day behind.
People will be fine with it as long as you don't pull a BOL. Love the show man, keep it coming...
As someone who just moved to London, I'd welcome our new GMT friendlier overlords.
The current time slot works best for me (EST) because I watch the video the next morning while I'm making breakfast. That said, if you change the time, I wouldn't mind. I might not even notice the difference.
I listen at 10pm-ish anyway, so I could care less when you do the actual show. Just don't put the chatty crap on the podcasts (i.e. TWIG's 15 minute discussion about tv). Thanks Tom, your podcasts are the best!
I would like it because I would be able to watch the pre and aftershow with out interruption. Wife comes home at 530CDT so I always miss the last half of the show till the next day anyway ;)
As long as I keep getting my Patent Wars!, I'm golden.
I'm in the eastern time zone. My first instinct was "nooooo!". But the more I think about it, the more I like it. I never really get to catch it live since my non-techy wife is wanting to watch things in the early evening. Now I could listen to it in the background while working in the afternoon (at 2pm), or just catch it in the early evening on the podcast anyway. I think I like it!
I'd think through what this will do to your workflow, +Tom Merritt Will you end up spending your evenings "pre-prepping" for the next morning's show instead of spending time with your families and friends? Right now you can prep during the work day and then leave. Just a quality of life thought...
I feel so special. Times are never given for the Atlantic timezone. Wait, it was a mistake and +Tom Merritt just messed up converting Pacific to Eastern? Now I suddenly feel less special.
Anytime works for me - retired on the East Coast.
I think that, while it would be great as far as timing, you would loose too much as far as news go. The convenience of te time slot is not worth the loss of updated news. However how about having a morning and afternoon TNT somehow? Different hosts?
Gap left in the market by BOL changes? Will mean stream may be up in time for late European evening :-)
I think it'll be worse for people who listen on their commute the next morning. The later time was an improvement over BOL because more things were still relevant the next day. Covering yesterdays news is probably going to be hard to keep interesting.
Maybe do it like at 10 and then rerun at 6 with an extra segment if there is late breaking news?
News breaks after your 3PM show anyways. A 10 AM show would be awesome.
I vote YES. I'm in AZ and sometimes the podcast isn't ready for my 5pm commute/gym time.
I'm from the east coast so I like the proposed new time slot.
As another UK listener, the 11pm broadcast time can be a problem if earlier TWiT shows run late (which happens on a regular basis) so I tend to listen to it on the commute the following morning. A 7pm I would probably watch it live more often, so I would say yes to moving it earlier.
For events (like Apple Keynotes, which usually start at 1 PM EST, same as the new proposed time)...I guess you'd just have to move the show to a new time for the day? You've never really had that problem with your current time slot.
but you'll be on opposite TMS!!!
Many days not posted to itunes until very late, so not really available until next day. Would this mean that news would be 2 days old?
I personally prefer the current time as it gives me the freshest news. It enables me to watch live about half of the time and catch the others on my morning commute. As others mentioned it runs the risk of being TNY (tech news yesterday) by recording too early.
I don't see a problem with that. I'll watch no matter when it's on. Can't go without it! Love what you folks do and the witty banter.
Would miss watching it live but would listen after it comes out as a podcast.
Great idea. TNT gets to start the show on time everyday without having to wait for shows before yours to end. Plus show would be ready for download sooner.
I agree with most people, I think I will still be able to listen live at 10AM PST. Also the show would be ready for commutes in all time zones not just EST.

Side Note: Given all the UK people who watch this show you need a UK advertiser.
Makes sense from the perspective of getting East coasters involved, but why a whole 5 hour shift? I see the biggest downside as the show becoming a recap of yesterdays news, rather than today's.
That would suck more than moving Framerate to the AM.. And that really fracking sucks!

Please do NOT do this!
i watch TNT live in my home after coming home from work at 5pm central time in my big screen tv via googleTV. for me i prefer the current format. but if it is for the better, i guess it is ok.
Greg M
You will have to move FLOSS as it usually goes to 12:30PM CT. Also you will have a hard out at 1PM CT.

How many people would simply catch up on the news in the evening in N America the previous day which are the stories, except for those that broke in the early morning, that you would be covering the previous day. In other words would you be covering stale news??
I never listened to BOL live because of the early start time (I'm a west coaster). Then again now my work schedule makes it so I can't listen to either time slot live. No matter what you do, it's going to make it hard for half the country, so I'd say either meet in the middle (west coast noon, east coast 3pm) or do what allows you to make the best show content-wise regardless of who gets to listen live when. Personally I think that's in your current time slot, because everything is usually done breaking by then (news breaks at any time, but there's a lesser chance of it breaking after COB on the east coast).

Then again if you guys decided to do two shows, I wouldn't complain.
You could do little news bulletin special reports if something breaks after the main show.
The old BOL timeslot FTW. Seriosly, I kind of like that idea. Give it a try!
I enjoy the guests you have on the show. If moving to an earlier time improves chances for more guests, especially international guests, then that is definitely a plus.

I download and watch +Tech News Today at home in the evenings - 8:00ish Central. Changing the air time will not change my viewing habits, and I doubt that it will significantly affect the number of news events that are available.

Focus on the quality if the show. If moving to an earlier time increases quality, then do it.
Tony A
Please do! I never get to listen to the show till the next day, so its always been Tech News Yesterday for most people.
Hmm, Sarah indicated on the iPad show she gets up at 8 am - with the commute from The City you'll be lucky if you start by 11 am.
I'm gonna vote no on this one. I'll mean I won't be able to watch live anymore.
Put me down for a yes on the time change...I'm east coast and only get to watch it the next morning.
I have a feeling you're going to regret this. The stale news issue is a serious problem. On the other hand, like all the best TWIT shows, entertainment is as important as information for TNT, and the entertainment doesn't really get stale. But why gamble with a successful show?
+Tom Merritt, its looking pretty split at the moment and I bet most of us will keep watching anyways even if you broadcast it at 11p.m. instead of 2p.m. I don't think your timeslot matters as much as the availability of the news that you build the show off of. If you feel its all there and ready to go and you've had enough time to prepare then you might as well make the change.

How does +Sarah Lane feel about having to rush right into The Social Hour on Mondays? They'd be back to back. I guess that's probably not to different from iPad Today being back to back with TNT either though.
I am in the eastern time zone. I download to my player overnight and listen the next day now. Earlier in the day, would be fine with me, so would keeping it the same - not so helpful, I know.
I'm east coast and I prefer the current schedule. I don't always get to catch the show live when commuting home, but I think the show record time is good as is.
I prefer the afternoon show personally although I'm fine either way. Doing the show at that time would more than likely miss a lot of the days news that happens after that time on the west coast and be less effective.
You'll miss breaking news that drops in the afternoon..
Interesting responses. But I'm ok either way. Would be great to know how much news might break after show as many have pointed out. But I love the show and that you put it out for discussion is great. 
Idea is fantastic!! It solves probably the biggest issue for the show for someone in the Toronto area, current release time is just too late. Thank you for thinking of it. :)
Like it

Tech news today; the one podcast that sometimes causes me to swear at the participants but still I listen every day
+Neil Porter If we didn't make you want to talk back at us, we wouldn't be doing a good job.
German listeners apprechiate this - so its on at Prime time CET = 7pm ;-)
I think that's a great idea, esp since BoL no longer fills the morning slot.
Well first +Richard Reich we haven't decide to do it, so don't say we're going to regret it before we've even done it.

Second, as I mentioned I've actually done it before. The stale news issues is a problem at pretty much every hour of the day youc an conceive of. I know this because we get consistent complaints about our news being stale at the current recording time.
Might I suggest the new Zipluck Freezer Freshness Storage for News? Zipluck News Storage bags are Freezer safe and come with a write-on band pre-printed with one of a kind make believe news items so that you can deliver the freshest news possible at all times.
This wouldn't impact The Morning Stream which ends by 9 AM Pacific.

I think the close of business is the best news argument. It is nice being able to get all the earnings-related news in.
I'm not able to watch live at either time, so I'd go with whatever works best for you and the TNT team.

If the move means a better work flow, or that you're fresher to broadcast in the morning or any other number of things, then go for it!! We'll follow.
+Tom Merritt If timing affects the amount of financial/legal vs actual tech news, I opt for the time that favors tech.
Forgot something that might be important. What about Leo's idea to restream an eight-hour TWIT schedule three times, filling the day? How does that interact with the timing of TNT?
The negatives seem to outweigh the positives.

I usually watch on the podcast, so if news breaks after your show, it's not just a day I wait - more like a day & a half. This will make that happen much more often... which might make me more inclined to find the news elsewhere.
It would only work if you changed the name to "Tech News Yesterday". But who cares.. make the change and if you lose audience then guess it was a bad move.
Honestly, I've never really thought of TNT as my source for "Breaking News." I usually think of it as a place to get informed on some things (who cares if it happened 10 hours ago or 3 hours ago) and more importantly, to get the perspectives of the hosts and guests. I enjoy the intelligent/informed discussion of the news that this podcast offers far more than the "breaking news but we don't really have details yet and haven't formed our opinions fully" approach.

Podcasts available for Mon-Fri commutes=Plus.
More opportunities for afternoon shows on TWiT=Big plus.
More international guests more often=Huge plus.
+Tom Merritt I'm sorry if my last comment was less than polite, it's just a shock, an unpleasant shock, is all..

I hope if it's ok if I amend my earlier comment?



Personally, I like the current time. I get to watch live when I get home from work. During the day, I'll be at work, makes it a non-starter for me. I enjoy catching it live, would be less likely to download otherwise.
Hack YEAH, it would be so awesome if TNT were on evening time in europe instead of midnight.
Doing the snoopy dance just thinking about it.
Most of the time I listen to TNT over breakfast, the morning after it airs. I don't often get a chance to tune in live.

I think you guys should do what's best for the show and best for the TWiT schedule. When a show is good, people will tune in whenever they can.

Also, nice job on the Nova Scotia mention. That's where I am!
- Halifax
I think that the show will be perfect where it is, just asking LEO to be more conscious that there's another show coming up...
Put a little (TNT) under his chair letting him know that is not Tech News Tonight....
He is a very smart guy, he will get it !!
I like the news at the end of the day!
I'm sure I could adjust as long as it's ready for download by 5:00. I've watched almost every episode live. Yeah, I could adjust. F'n Leo.
Do it but have tapes available earlier. Missed you last night you were on same time as local news. 1:00 pm NY time is great. 
Would it be with the same news team? Would Sarah be able to make it in on all 5 days having to drive in the commute shoulder hours (as someone who spent almost 35 years enduring a rush hour commute that can be a problem) ? I understand that commuting is not as problematic for Tom and Iyaz and Jason/Chad, but would everyone have to start that much earlier to prep for a 10:00 show?

Finally, will the chat room experience be better or worse at that hour?
It would allow me to watch the show live instead of the next day. :)
no please :( the current slot is so perfect (at least for me in Germany - if there is no delay)
The earlier time works better for CST people in the U.S. A more consistent start time would also be a plus. Go for it.
That would be great for me in the CST.
For those that listen/watch in the evening, missing key stores due to earlier deadlines could be a significant issue.

Also, it would collapse the time people had to think and react to stores before coming on.
+Tom Merritt

I guess I've now reached.. acceptance..sigh.

I stayed in denial re: Framerate too long.. I'm determined to just accept whatever happens to TNT and hope for the best... Part of what I really love(ed) about both Framerate and TNT was the interaction you only get watching live.

Oh well.

In the spirit of acceptance, please let me amend my thoughts one last time with this submission to the TNT Rumor Mill...


Rumor Mill -

"Long Rumored TWiT.TV Morning Show to be Tech News Today/Yesterday?"

+Tom Merritt may have let the cat out of the bag today, with the bombshell that TWiT.TV's successful Tech News Today (TNT) may be moving to a new, earlier time slot.

+Tom Merritt indicated that the new time slot for the daily news show would likely be 10 AM Pacific/1 PM Eastern.

Sources familiar with the matter claim the change in time will include a change in name to "Tech News Yesterday". TWiT.TV has been rumored to have a morning news show in some stages of development for well over a year, however past rumors had pointed to a different show that would include tech personalities from the US East Coast and Europe and would be a different show format from the already successful and loved TNT. Sources familiar with the matter declined to comment regarding any possible move of the entire show to the Live w/ Kelly New York location and any possible news regarding Leo Laporte being Kelly's new co-host.

Fan reaction to the news has been mixed, ranging from "Hell yes!", "Hell no!", and "Oh Felicia".

Sources familiar with the matter insist that this schedule change is completely unrelated to the rumored launch of "Buzz at Night" and a new grotto set being secretly constructed in the TWiT Brickhouse. DoubleL the rumored host of the rumored "Buzz at Night" could not be reached for comment.
Also yes to Grotto idea unless it involves Leo and Devorak hot tubbin it.
Works for me too. Would be nice to get in bed before 12am when I watch live. 
I'd be fine either way. I'd say what ever is easier for the TNT crew.
It would suck for me as I love watching the live show when I get home from work.
I enjoy the 6pm ET slot. Watching has become a pre-dinner evening activity that has become part of my daily schedule (I also subscribe to help keep the numbers up). Here is my $0.02 
Keep the show at the 5:30 EDT time slot. It makes you the most current of all the podcasts I watch. Also, while I like some podcasts live steaming from a major event, it's also nice to watch a show that has the benefit of coming on later in the day to provide analysis and perspective of said event.
The people that watch later say great change it, the people that watch live say leave it at the time it is, the people that watch live are the viewers that take priority because they make the time to watch live and people that watch later can watch any time so live is the most important.
As an east coaster time person I would love this. 
I'd like to have the podcast available to download before 7:00 at night
Sounds fine with me.... Of course, since I download via iTunes and listen the next day, it will make little difference :-)
I would actually be able to watch live, without killing the battery and the data on my phone....
What if you went to a Daily Show like schedule and did TNT four days a week? Is there ever a ton of news on Fridays? I do like the current time slot (I'm in EDT), but if i miss it live, the delay for the podcast to post is madening.
I would love it if it were this time! I'll actually be able to see it while my son is in school. Woot
I appreciate the fact that we can currently include the majority of a days news in that days show personally. But I'm game for whatever.
As long as you don't change BEFORE the Tuesday Before Nerdtacular I don't care. I'm gonna miss out on MacBreak Weekly and maybe TwitPhoto, sure don't want to miss TNT when I visit on June 19th
I think the problem of talking about yesterday's news (two days previous' news, depending on time zone) is too acute for the change to work long term. That said, I'll listen to the recording every day just like I do now, no matter what time it airs.
To be frank, I don't like this idea at all. I feel that moving TNT to 10am Pacific will include more of the late breaking news of the day before, which would make it seem like old news. Also, I'm on the East coast and love watching live at 6pm, a 1pm time slot would all but eliminate my ability to watch live, and the preshow and postshow, for me, is often what makes the show so fun. I urge you to consider the loss of East coast live viewers! With that said, I love the show, and will be a loyal viewer no matter what! :)
Tom, this was one of the factors that drove your ratings well above Buzz Out Loud (and eventually buried them - sorry Molly). TNT was more timely news than BOL. More than a couple of times a week, TNT would report something that BOL couldn't because they had already recorded.

Though there are many people that would love to have you talk to them on the east coast drive time, the vast majority of people don't get your podcast until long after they have put their players away for the evening. Sure, I listen to podcasts in the evening while walking the dog or if I am doing something around the house, but my evenings are for my family. I catch up on podcasts whenever I can during the day (mostly when in the car), and on the weekends. If TNT were the only podcast I listen to, there might be a case. As it is, I am not hearing it for at least a day after it records.

I am subscribed to 16 weekly podcasts, most of which are at least 30 minutes, and some (like TWiT) go for almost two hours. There are some shorter ones (eg quick and dirty tips). I also subscribe to some more frequent ones, also shorter (BrainStuff). Then there is TNT that is 30 minutes a day. I may be overdoing it, but I have culled it down so that I can get through it all. I had to give up on No Agenda (among others) because it would routinely go 130-140 minutes twice a week and I never got through them.

With all this to listen to, it is TNT that I look forward to most - mostly because it is most timely.
Afternoon it better, it's how I end my day. Boo, hiss to earlier time... boo, hiss.
I'll vote yes for the earlier time too. And keep up the good work. 
Sad to say.. I'd probably download the show less if it was at 10am pacific, because I usually listen on the way to work, and during the day I check the news online myself..
I would love to get my tech news today fix earlier on my TiVo, however, not so sure how I feel about not having a full day's news when I watch the webcast download

Makes no difference. Live at 6P was never an option. I'm lucky to get out of the office by 7:00PM. The Roku has it for me later that night whenever there's time to watch -or more likely, three days later when there's time to watch several at once. For hot breaking news, I'm already glued to Techmeme and all day.
Can we compromise? What about the full show at 10am pacific, and a five to ten minute TNT wrap up that comes out in the afternoon. Think of it like "Here's some quick items that well probably cover on tomorrows TNT" kinda like the teaser for twit, but with a little more detail.

I mean seriously, if news breaks Leo will put twit into breaking news mode and we go from there, so I'm not too worried about there switch in general, but out would be nice to have a small bridge for the next day....

Just my $0.02 FWIW
Finaly I won't have to stay up till 2:00 AM to watch TNT, that would be great...
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