Don't freak out, Tech News Today fans, but we're toying-- JUST TOYING-- with the idea of moving the live Tech News Today time to 10 AM Pacific/2 PM Nova Scotia. (1 PM Eastern. Oops)

Positives: Podcast out in time for east cost drive home. Consistent start time, easier to get International guests, frees up TWiT afternoons for other new shows

Negatives: news breaks afterwards, so not ALL the news of the day, might be harder to get some east coast guests, since still in work day, content is older on morning drives the next day

We're not even close to decided on this, but I brought the idea up in our staff meeting yesterday and nobody thought it was awful, so I thought we should see what folks in the audience think.

PS: To +Jason Howell I know you're on vacation and I promise we won't do anything until I get a chance to hear what you think about this when you get back!
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