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Browsing the Web has been a nightmare today.

Given: I am someone who will have 10-20 tabs open at a time, sometimes more. It's just the way I work

Given: I use lots of Web apps like Google Docs, Twitter, Yahoo Mail, etc... so there's lots of javascript and flash awfulness going on.

Today: I can't have more than 4 tabs open in Chrome or the fan spins up and everything gets unusably slow

Safari works OK, but I hate the tab management, mostly because I've adapted my workflow to the way Firefox and Chrome do it. Also Safari doesn't allow you to swap tabs around once they run off the screen to the right. Or at least it gets really difficult. I will say Safari didn't run resources up as bad, but it did get slow at 30 tabs.

Firefox: Today when I launch it it gets slow immediately. Not sure why. Could be an add-on.

Opera: Crashes constantly.
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I had something similar happen a few weeks ago, I updated Flash and everything was fine. Not sure if it's the same problem, but worth a shot.
Unfortunately Tom, you are working outside of the parameters of normal person. However, I have had days like that also when nothing works the way it is supposed to.
Same issue. I usually have ~8 pinned tabs and other 5-10 additional "random" tabs open. It eats my resources alive on my 2008 MBP (C2D + 4GB RAM). Kind unfortunate. Tried dropping back to the Stable from Beta channel on Chrome and it helped a tad with some small issues, but the same things happen.

I think its mostly due to the issue you state about webapp type pages, like the ones I have pinned (G+, GMail, Google Voice, GCalendar, GDrive).
Phil H
My life got easier once I upgraded the memory in my 2011 MBP to 16Gb...
Sometimes I like to disable addons and see how it runs. You can sometimes track down the culprit and get it fixed.
I usually have 5-6 tabs open all day and any time I run into any Flash (which happens all too much), Chrome pretty much grinds to a halt for several seconds and frequently crashes.
+Tom Merritt I have a similar setup to yourself: many tabs (15), many web apps (6) and all is normally OK. The last day or so I have found normal surfing to be really slow. This is in Chrome (my preferred) browser. I wonder if there's a problem with the latest update?
I'm in Spain so it is not a local issue.
It's either the content in those pages (bad scripting, flash, etc.) or you need to wipe your mac and re-install everything. I counted my tabs in Chrome and I've got 15. No flash and only light scripts running. No fan spinning. Macbook Air (newest). Also playing vlc of TWiT Live of course.
+Tony Nolen Tom may be outside the average usage pattern but still within the bounds of what should work.
Just a thought +Tom Merritt. I assume a lot of those tabs are articles or stories you're reading. Can you take those articles and send them to a reading queue or maybe capture them in Evernote or something? That would take them from being active web pages with whatever Java or Flash or whatever they have running and basically being snapshots and copied text.
You could try resetting the System Management Control. That and clearing the Parameter registry (I think it was called) slowed my fans down significantly on Chrome browsing.
I use Chrome on 5 to 10 different PCs a week and never have an issue with 20+ tabs across 2 to 4 windows authenticated as 3 different Chrome/Google accts.

I don't think +Tom Merritt's problem is Chrome - or even web browsers in general. I think the problem is that he is running software on OS X. Factor in some Flash and how Apple hates & doesn't support Flash - and I think the problem multiplies in magnitude.

Never thought I'd be praising the stability of Windows 7 (I'm kinda a MS hater) - but there it is.
30 tabs is a hell of alot. You'll have to learn to be a bit tidier, or disable javascript if possible, lol
My iGoogle home page is constantly 'spinning' in Chrome. This is not normal. Really seems like a problem with the latest update.
Don't use a Mac, but why not just uninstall Adobe Flash? I use the built-in Chrome Adobe Flash, if anything, you know it's tested/working with Chrome. I'm on Win 7 though. Also, don't forget to check the "view background pages" link under the wrench in Chrome, it'll give you an idea what tab or extension is messing with your system.
Anyone here having problems with Chrome that is not using a Mac?

At home I have an old Thinkpad T60 running Ubuntu 11 w/ Chromium and it is rock solid.
It really seems like an issue that is exclusive to Mac/Chrome (and please don't think that's an attack on Macs). I have a dozen tabs open in Chrome/Win7 quite often while I'm working without a problem.
+Thom Thomas While both Chrome and Flash are far less stable on OSX, I doubt that that's the bulk of the problem. My main PC is running Windows 7 and Flash runs only marginally better in Chrome.
Come to think of it, her indoors was on Chrome today and images and flash wouldn't even load, I thought she must of been on Firefox with no-script. Has Chrome just updated again?
+John Maloney When I only had 2GB of RAM on older XP systems, I ran into Adobe Flash & Shockwave crashes - generally when I tried watching/listening to a bunch of different youtube videos, streaming music and/or product tutorials in a back & forth multitasking fast paced manner.

Lately, I've been on user PCs w/ over 4GB of RAM & Win 7 64bit - so my perspective may be skewed somewhat.

Obviously Flash is a resource hog and on any OS, it will cause problems for under-resourced machines. But I still stand by my assessment that Tom's main issue is an OS that refuses to play nicely with competing systems.
+Thom Thomas I'm running Win 7 64bit with 6GB of Ram and Flash is still a problem, so I don't know that hardware really makes much of a difference.
+Aaron King LOL.

+John Maloney - then maybe the flash binary built in to Chrome is getting grief from a previous install of stand alone Flash.
Mosaic is the answer to all your problems.
+Thom Thomas I regularly check to make sure that previous versions of Flash are disabled in Chrome, but I do have 5 browsers installed, so maybe an older version installed on one of them could be causing a problem.
Have had the same sort of thing with FireFox the last couple of weeks, even with only 4 tabs open. I go to change tabs and it just locks for 20 - 30 seconds then opens and sometimes even locks when scrolling.

Well weird but knowing my luck now that I have posted this it will stop just to make a lier out of me :)
Guess this is one of the negatives to automatic updating. My guess... Tomorrow it will be fine. :)
+Tom Merritt
I already started to write some tips on how to make Opera experience better when i realized that you're using MacOS. Yeah it's a mess there.

Although if those crashes are caused by Flash (or other plugins) you could try enabling "Plugins on-Demand" feature. It'll also lower CPU utilization by all the crappy flash ads.

Also, you could try Opera 12 Nighly - it supports out-of-process plugins so they wont crash the browser. Although nighlies are usually crash hell of a lot often by themself.
+JD Francis No, the tabs are stories but they are open so I can review them, move them around and then enter them into a spreadsheet. But even when those are gone I have two email tabs, one twitter, one G+, several Docs tabs.
And Chrome seems to work just fine in Windows 7 btw.
+Tom Merritt I'm also a heavy tabs user. And i must say i never had a problem with ANY amount of background tabs open in Opera on Windows.

Not to suggest you migrate. Just FYI.
Tom, run Flash Block or some other control for Flash. There's a lot of Flash you don't need and the blockers allow you to easily open up Flash when you need it. It makes a huge difference to Chrome's overall stability. Also, increases in RAM help, at home I run 16 and the machine runs like a gazelle, never wanting for anything. At work, it's a similar system with only 4, and it starts balking once I get up to 20+ open web pages across multiple browsers(yay work!).
Funny thing: +Jeff Bakalar was talking about just this on his show yesterday. He believes it's a recent phenomenon on Macs.
Yeah, +Tom Merritt I use the Chrome Developer channel builds as my main browser on Windows 7 and, aside from the odd buggy build(as you'd expect) it's really smooth with 20 or 30+ tabs open. Even the Canary channel is usually good enough to use exclusively.
+Marlon Thompson Opera is just another browser, it's not bad. For mobile I'd definetly give Opera Mini a try. Brilliant browsing experience.
I do have this issue with Chrome on OS X more often lately. Generally, not a problem on Win 7.
That's just a beginning, soon we will have more cow bell... Javascript everywhere, so every page will kill even most powerful computers. I also admire people who bashed Flash before. There's no technical difference between JS and Flash. Same language, same technology essentially. Yes, Google invested more resources into optimizing Javascript run-time than Adobe, but bad programmers still can write bad programs on either platform. :)
I think you may have a problem with your hard drive, or memory. Might be a good idea to spinrite the drive on a different machine while running memtest86+ on the machine with the issue.
Update: if running windows 7 on the same machine works fine, the issue isn't hardware. Good luck with that one Tom.
Might just be that the TWIT line is clogged so your computer keeps waiting for updates?
Brian C
Probably operator error ;)
+Tino Kremer You seriously think TM does not know about noscript and scriptno? He is a true techie for over 10 years, give him some credit. I know for a fact he knows about noscript cause he mentioned it before on the air.
+Tom Merritt, I have noticed recently that the Google Reader tab chews up a lot of RAM on my machine on Chrome. It gets to a point where I have to close the tab and start a new Google Reader tab. Perhaps this is something that might be affecting you.
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