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Are those bandwidth caps from your cable or DSL provider really necessary?  Will they help ease congestion, or raise money to roll out more infrastructure? We talked to people who work in the industry to find out.
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I watched this yesterday. A good "special" which I found very informative
We need more Netcast like this one. It was very informative to me.
Crap, missed watching it live.. will make sure I download it for my trip..
Since I work at a Telco in Canada (Not one of the BIG 3) I can say everything your guests are saying is completely correct.
However, the common consumer believes the P.R that these cap's and overage fees are required to keep their providers network going and don't question it further.
I suspect most have been trained to accept the behaviour that they pay for minutes or data on their cell phones, thus they think it is similar for physical infrastructure.
If everyone could tour a CO and see how interconnects work and how simple (relative speaking) it is to provision a new 10G port and wire it to another peer, consumers would revolt instead of simply accepting the spin they are being sold.
The infrastructure is there, they're only using 10%. But hey greed is good!!!
A quick synopsis - we need more competition in broadband.
Yeah Google get on the ball already with that fiber optic cable and also a google box with hd antenna input !
+Brock Hatfield its all very well running Fiber to the Cab any bottleneck is not going to be in the local loop.
What you actulay need is real competition LLU where any provider can run ADSL over the local loop.
Thanks Tom. I downloaded the audio version to listen in the car. This is a topic I'd like to hear from someone in the industry.
The world is coming2a greedy,controlled,govt.end...
This was an excellent show; kudos to you and to TWiT. Gimme more, please. :)
The whole discussion around caps just makes me sick to my stomach. It's another case of them just taking an inch at a time until we're eventually paying by the minute amongst different tiers again like back in the AOL/Prodigy days.

It'll be another example of an industry being unable to police itself until the government is forced to come in and regulate and do a horrible job. Just F'n sad...
Bandwidth caps are imposed to keep cable company's movies services from been over taken by internet tv.  Cord cutting is on the rise!  People are waking up to these rip off cable packages.

 When you compare America's isp's to Japan, South Korea, Britain. whom have 50 meg to 150GB. You have to wonder were is the investment going to?  Bandwidth caps are just an excuse to keep Netflics  and other competing services down!
Americans need to "kick up a stink"!  Before these greedy money grabbing Isp's make American look the "Third world of broadband".
This was a great special. I could watch another hour just on this subject alone - need more specials like this!
+Micheal Jefferson America is already the third world of broadband.   Beneath us are the savages who don't have Internet access... lol.
Daniel Golightly.  You are correct!  I didn't want to rub salt in the wounds by saying it.  American broadband industry is one big cartel back by weak brown envelope talking Politicians!
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