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Over the weekend Leo Laporte announced that the live stream of Tech news Today will move to 10 AM starting July 2. There are lots of internal scheduling reasons why this makes sense for us, but we paid close attention to what listeners/viewers hd to say too.

One valid concern was that the new time would not be convenient for people to watch live. While live audience still makes up a small percentage of our total audience, we also know the live audience is the most passionate and deserve to be heard. from what we can tell the attitude toward the time change is about 50/50. Some folks who had a hard time watching now are excited that they can watch at the new time. Others who find the current time perfect, are upset that they won't be able to watch live at the new time. It's always tough to make a change that upsets people, but given that it benefits as many people as not, it seems worth it.

The other concern is that the news would somehow be old at 10 AM. There is a fair concern that one time that is after market close is much better at summarizing the days news, but having done Buzz Out Loud for years at 10:30 AM, I have to say the difference is not that much. And it all depends on when you listen. People who like to listen to the show int he car on their morning commute already jokingly call us "Tech News Yesterday." Now they'll stop and people who like to listen to us on their evening commute home can take up the epithet.

But as for substantial content difference I thought I would provide and sample. It's 10:10 AM as I write this. In July we'd be 10 minutes into the show. I just finished making a draft lineup for this afternoon's TNT at 10. Two stories are still hot that we covered yesterday on TNT. The RIM financial outlook and the Google Chrome Books are two stories that would not have been in yesterday's TNT if we had done it at 10 AM.

However the rest of the lineup, which is made entirely of stories that broke after 3 PM Pacific yesterday are as follows:

Apple CEO Tim Cook in the Hot Seat at D

Mary Meeker unveils KPCB's Internet trends for 2012

Doom 3 BFG Edition' will deliver the full Doom back catalog plus new levels

Zagat goes free with launch of Google+ Local

Cisco's Crystal Ball Reveals 19 Billion Internet Connections in 2016

Microsoft makes Skype available to OEMs for preinstallation on PCs

News Fuse possibles:

Apple now selling Nest Learning Thermostat
WSJ: Sony considered download-only next-gen console, but decided to keep optical drives
HTC One X, EVO 4G LTE Clear Customs After Apple Patent Spat,2817,2405021,00.asp
Creative unveils 'new genre' of audio device: Sound BlasterAxx "Google Nexus tablet appears in benchmarks, appears to run on quad-core Tegra 3
" "Facebook doesn't support Chrome browser
Project Glass revealed to have physical trackpad along right arm (video)
Simple.TV launches Kickstarter project, offers $300 Roku/antenna bundle$300-roku-antenna-bundle/ "New Apple TV OS to debut at WWDC, report says

Not all these stories will still be in the lineup come 3 PM. Other news will break between now and then. But I put this out there so concerned folks can see how the news cycle breaks down, and what the differences will be.

There will always be news breaking after we do a show, no matter when we do it. But there will always be 24 hours of news between shows from which to draw on and comment.

In any case, thanks for you feedback and criticisms. we may not always do what everybody wants us too, but the thoughtful and intelligent critiques always make us think hard about why and force us to always try to do what we think is best.
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Sadly, I probably won't see much of the show anymore. I enjoy it live, but the new time is in the middle of the workday for me. It would be great (if there isn't a conflict), if the show could be rerun at the old time for those looking for it then.
Does that mean more +Becky Worley ?
I'm pretty indifferent to the time, but I appreciate the you sharing the full thought-process of the move.
+Jason Calacanis says you shouldn't chase barking dogs. You aren't going to be able to please everyone. The ratings will tell you if it was a smart move, and +Becky Worley is HOT! ಠ_ಠ
At first I think I was a tad miffed about the new time, since at 6pm (Eastern), I'm able to listen to you guys live on my commute home. I think so long as you can at least have the audio version of the show done before the evening rush, some (most?) of us east-coasters would be okay with it.
Looking forward to the 10am slot. Might be able to actually catch it live!
It looks like you are not 100 % convinced that the new schedule is a good idea but let me tell you this: for me it is great because now I'm able to watch TNT live every day.
Post contains news spoilers. :(
I will listen no matter when it's recorded, but know this. You'll be reporting on a lot of news stories that happened the day before, so you'll be fighting for first-notice attention from nighttime reading and the morning catch-up of Twitter and G+ posts.

Not sure the news will be as fresh or interesting to your users if it's the 3rd time they've heard / read it.

My 2/100 of a dollar.
As long as you're still doing the show, I'm not so worried about when exactly it's done. It'll all work out fine. :)
+murph nj The show will be available for download long before the old time. So you can watch it whenever you want. Will that help?
I only watch live, and as I am at work at 10 am I guess I am out.
Thanks for the great post Tom. I am one of those that weren't able to watch it live (commute home from work) but now I'll be able to watch live at 1pm EST :)
TNT at 10 AM is perfect!! You can't please everybody and at 10 am I think it'll be more fuel for the day.
I love the move to 10 am. It will make it much easier for me whenever I'm booked on the show!
+Josh Broton I think that those of us who listen to TNT don't just listen to get the news, they listen for the commentary as well. Otherwise, all we'd need to do is read Reddit (and other news outlets) and not even bother listening to TNT.
Oh well.. I guess I am out. See you leo and company.
What's that in UTC, for those who aren't up on US local times?
i'm all for the 10am/1pm est i means i can watch live while at work. and still download to watch later in case i miss anything. as it is now all i've ever been able to watch is the downloaded due to the commute.
I think its a good time. I will be able to watch it live as I am getting ready for work now. No matter what time it will never please everyone.
the change is a lost cause on me as I love the live feed. But it also got into the middle of me handling my Dads food and medication and stuff. Earlier would be better for me. I am also on the East Coast so it fits me better. I just have to change when I watch. That's all.
I have only watched TNT live and never downloaded a recorded show (well almost never). Unlike most other TWiT shows I find it to be too time sensitive to bother downloading 99% of the time. I'm afraid since I'm in the Eastern time zone this will drop my viewership to almost zero. Since you moved to 6:00pm (from 5:30) I can catch it quite regularly but now it seems that the only people who will be able to watch live (and who work for a living) are people in Europe. Oh well, progress I suppose.
I never catch TNT in it's current slot but I will definitely be able to watch/listen live much more in this newer slot.
Yeah, workday way too busy to listen live, but will still listen in the early evenings eastern time. At least now I won't have to wait until 8pmish for today's news to be ready for my podcast client to download!
For the international viewers, 10 am in what Time-Zone ? PST ?
+Tom Merritt Somewhat. I was not downloading it regularly because I enjoy catching it live and participating in the chat. I am unable to listen all of the podcasts that I enjoy., Watching (or listening) live set your show apart from the rest for me. Along with the fantastic content, that is.
I can't listen live now because I'm usually getting out of work then, but I will definitely listen live if it's at 10 AM.
The answer, of course is to do a new TNT every 4 hours. Then, maybe we can move to having a TNT 24 hour news network. :-)
With news coming in 24/7 the slice has to be made somewhere.

Personally, the new time makes it more likely I'll get to watch live. Which means I'll have to find a new morning commute show. I'm willing to make that sacrifice just for you guys.

Upside might be guest scheduling. This will definitely be better for our European friends.
I think it's a great time. It's during my lunch hour, so I will be able to catch the preshow which I do indeed miss not being able to catch currently due to time constraints/work schedule etc. However, one thing did occur to me. About 2-3 times a year, there may be a conflict. Apple, in doing announcements, keynotes, does them at the same time slot and TWiT typically covers them. I believe Google does as well. As big as these announcements are, there is always other tech news, so dedicating a whole show to covering it may not work well. But, like I said, that is 2-3 times a year. Just a thought that popped into my head.
Will TNT still start late as usual? 
People fear change, no matter how much logic you apply to the reason for the change the trolls will pop up.
I enjoyed watching live while working out on est because I got a chance to see the pre/post show fun, prerecorded I will miss out on that but I need to decide am I watching the show for the content or the chemistry pre/post.
+Tom Merritt it looks like I'll catch it live at noon, during lunch, in the central time zone.
do it. i usually download it anyways and listen at work on my 3rd shift.
TNT live is my treadmill companion each day so now I'll be completing my exercise in the am instead of the afternoon which is an improvement.
Well maybe I can watch it live now, so good news for me I suppose.
Damned if you do, damned if you don't my man! Do what's best for you and others will follow! :-) As long as its available for my commute home, I am happy as I was when it was available for my commute into work! :-)
Hmmm. Being in England TNT could be really old news by the UK morning.... I used to listen to the BOL podcast in the evening so I guess for the show to remain relevant to some of us in other time zones it all depends upon how fast you can get that day's TNT posted.
+Joefrey Kibuule that is 6 pm UTC or 18:00 UTC then. This favors a lot the European community. At least a more international representation in the chat.
Oh, and another plus, the potential for more Turpster!! I love the eps he is on.
+Tom Merritt what time will the video version be available with the change? I'd like to be able to download it before hopping on the train for my commute home at 5pm central.

I like the change either way, as right now it's TNY for me...I'm too busy in the evenings to sit down and watch a rerun...and by the morning commute I've already caught up on the tech news (I get it throughout the night). I used to love to watch the show live when I was unemployed...but now I got a job and I'm far too busy to catch it on anything but my train rides too and from home...but my net connection sucks with Sprint on the no live show for me right now. So thumbs up from me!

PS: thanks for not overlapping with +The Morning Stream :D
+Jonathan Strickland makes a good point. With the earlier time, more of your non-American guests won't have to be awake at 1am or later on their time.

And while I'll miss hanging out in the chatroom during the show and watching the pre- and post-show fun, I'll still watch the video once I get home from work like usual. I hope it works out for the show!
I really did like like timing the old way. It was at the end of my work day, and it was good to hear a summarized break down of what happened that day. We will see how the new schedule works!
If you had a 24x7 TNT show you wouldn't have to miss any breaking news. There's no market for it of course, but I just like to be contrarian.
I never watched the show live, and always listen during the morning commute. So I was already a day behind. If I kept watching I'd likely end up being 2 days behind. Not sure I like this.
Well the answer is obvious. 2 shows a day. Kinda like local news. I don't think anyone would complain about that.
Thanks for allt he comments everybody. It's interesting that a couple people only want to watch live. I think that's an unexpected behaviour in a world that is almost completely on demand now. It should give hope to the broadcast channels who fear the DVR.

To those curious about the post times, audio should be done by 11:15 or 11:30 Pacific and Video most likely by 12 Pacific. So it definitely should be ready for the commute home on the east coast.
Hmm I guess this means I'll be listening to the download version of the show on the way home instead of the live version. I'm gonna miss pre/post show conversations but, what can you do.
I agree with Tom Fullhart at three. Then again, I will not be affected because I rarely watch live anyway. People were just upset because something they are used to is changing on them. Understandably they are upset.
If the video podcast comes out by 6:00PM it's not much of a difference. I'll miss watching the preshow and a few stories will have to wait until the next day.
I will certainly watch more due to the time change - 11pm was far too late.
There is no question that news shows earlier in the day never work. You might as well do it live first thing in the morning, have the hosts drinking coffee, and even emphasize the earliness of it in the name of the show by calling it "Wake Up, America!" or something.
I agree with +Ethaniel Augustine, being in the UK, the audio would probably not be available during the commute home 1100 PDT = 1900 BST), so I wouldn't get to it until the next morning. I always felt that BoL was a little out of touch because of the same reason.
It won't stop me listening (I only download, NEVER watch live) but it will affect my perceived quality of the show.
I'd say that coverage of yesterday's events in the morning may give more clarity because of industry interpretations overnight. Coverage of the current day’s events would have more speculation ( and ultimately be less accurate ) because less is known in the morning as was mentioned above.
Who has time to sit around and watch their computer screen? At 1800 I'm trying to do something constructive or catch up on the news on television. At 1000 I'm at work, like most people. I get to watch TNT when I'm on the treadmill at 0430. I've never understood why podcasters push their live shows so much. The whole idea is to get the content whenever you want.
at 10am pacific time I am sitting at my desk at home, because here in Finland it is around 8pm. So moving your recording time to 10am you might get some live viewers from Europe :)
Hey +Tom Merritt. For me personally, I don't quite like the new time. Living in Chicago, this means the show will take place during work hours and hence I won't be able to catch the show live. But more than catching the show live, I will miss interacting in the chat room as well as your pre/post show conversations. That being said, friends of mine in India were happy about the new time slot because now they have a chance to catch the live broadcast. Oh's loss is another's gain.
+Tom Merritt Thanks so much for keeping us in the loop, as a fan that is what I really appreciate about you for all these years. BTW when you guys talk about the simple TV project today could you mention how "apple like" their kickstarter video is.
It wasn't too long ago that I remember reading PC magazines where the news could be 4-6 weeks old! I generally listen (in the UK) whilst walking the dog in the morning. I'm happier as it'll be me the choice of watching live at a reasonable time or listening the follow morning, as before.
By chance, I watched the live TNT for the first time last night because the eastern time did not work for me and I saw no reason to watch it later. The new time will allow me to watch TNT live so you will have a new viewer and I hope I'm joined by many others because I really enjoyed the show last night.
If you want to have a worldwide audience then no time will suit everyone. 
+Tom Merritt with regard to ONLY live. I don't DVR CNN (or in my case CBC) either. News is not something I generally want to record. A show like MacBreak Weekly is definitely something I want to DVR because it's not "stale" for a few days at least. I do consider TNT to be stale very quickly so I have much less incentive to DVR. My two cents.
10am Pacific is perfect. That's noon in my time zone, instead of when I'm leaving the office to head home!
+Tom Merritt I am looking forward to this change. Now I will be more likely to listen to the day's show on that day, instead of the next day.

Bah Humbug....

I have nothing "family friendly" to say about this horrible news.

At first I was not sure about this but I like the idea of being able to listen on the commute home. The only concern is will this time impact your guests on the show? I really enjoy the perspective from across the pond that you have on your show.
So are you going to change the show title to " Tech News Yesterday"?
I always download for my drive. I'll always be listening. :-)
I actually love the time it will allow me to watch it live at my desk noon local time, but the thing I'm concerned about is the bulk of your reporting will be on what happened the day before. I would rather watch a weekly podcast during the day and catch a daily wrap up later in the day. I watch six TWIT shows either live or downloaded, and TNT is my favorite.
Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but by the time I listen to Tech News Today, I have already read most of their stories on a variety of blogs. The reason I listen to TNT is because +Tom Merritt +Sarah Lane and +iyaz akhtar are really good at the analysis part of the news and have very different views at time that is refreshing, Its the same reason I now list to this week in Tech, news is way old then but Dvorak will say something that is either so crazy or so profound you go, oh yeah I didn't see it that way. I'll take TNT at anytime.
+Tom Merritt I watch all TWiT shows via RSS download, except This Week in Tech when I'm around on Sunday afternoon. And I care more about what you, Iyaz, Sarah, Jason and guests bring to the stories than the exact time of the show. So my boring opinion is that I doubt my enjoyment will be much disturbed by the time change. Whatever happened to Leo's semi-announced plan to repeat the 8-hour live netcast day twice so as to fill up the 24-hour day and distribute live-ish (same-day) content at reasonable times in any time zone anywhere?

[EDIT: Oh yeah, thanks for the initial request for comments and for this very complete and thoughtful explanation of the schedule change.]
I like this new time. I finally would get the show earlier like before when you were on BOL. I might not watch the show live that often anymore but I will continue to download the podcast as always. I like Iyaz, sarah, jason, and your opinion and analysis of the news.
THe only episodes I ever watched were the ones where he popped his chair and the one in which he revealed that he was cheating on his wife.
You know best Tom. I listen on the evening commute. Just happy to have a daily audio tech Podcast. Video is for home.
I don't mind, I'm Swedish. Thanks for a great show, I will be watching you live this summer!
The new time should work okay for me, as I typically listen to the show either on the drive home or on the way in the next morning. Since the podcast version doesn't post until around 18:30 Central time this may actually work out better: many times I don't get to listen to Friday's show until Monday morning, so this will keep me much more current.

Question: Will Friday still be "Liquid Friday"? May be questionable to start drinking at 10:30....
Thank you for moving it up! I am in the East Coast time zone and as such get the show around 7:30 PM (my time) or so I can't listen until my morning commute the next day. Hopefully I will be able to get a few episodes that day!
I will say I was an avid listener to both Buzz and TNT, I am now disabled the 1 pm(eastern) time slot will bring me back. Since I've been out of work (March this year) I don't find time to listen. I did switch to video on my tablet, but to be honest I don't watch. At work I drove and podcasts just worked. I think adding TNT as a live show may just bring me back. I miss you guys.
New time is good. I watch video either live or download at home. Time change is OK for me in Nova Scotia
I certainly grew to like TNT at the dinner hour Eastern US time. It was just like the ABC/CBS/NBC evening news of the day except narrowed for my Tech mind. I'm curious if I'll fill that evening slot with today's tech news by reading TNT's Reddit instead of waiting for when I can watch the TNT podcast later in the day. Live at 1 PM Eastern time means I'm at work, and even if they allowed streaming TWiT then, I couldn't do it and keep my job commitments. Seems like I'll have most of the tech news from other net sources way before seeing/hearing TWiT (live or otherwise).
The time change means that we might be able to watch again! Since we moved, the timing of the show just hasn't worked for us to watch live. I'm excited to be able to watch again!
It's a tricky problem for sure, you will annoy some of the people who watch the show live (but might pick up extra viewers in the new timeslot), and I don't think the podcast listeners will be inconvenieced too much.
I don't think one day's news events is an adequate sample size to determine whether you wil 'miss' certain news items on a particular day :-). (Oh, and I understand that you won't 'miss' any news, it just gets carried over.
This whole issue seems like a 'Facebook profile change' problem to me, where we moan about it for ages but a week after the change we won't even notice the difference. TNT is a great show, so it's simple, if you keep making a great show, we'll keep watching.
+Tom Merritt I hereby promise to send every TMS listener your way when we go off the air each morning. :)
Aww - I wish I was back for TNT 10, but no- up to my eyeballs at ABC and Yahoo. I just thought it would always be better if East coast people could download for their commute home. this is good timing.
The good news is that TWIT / TNT listened (and asked) the audience before making a decision. How many broadcasters do that .... some argue that 'of course they do' - after a zillion day study is conducted by Nielsen ratings and analyzed to death for another 3 months. I think this is what makes TWIT successful across the board - how it listens to is users live and in response posts (like this one) and that is what drives TWIT's loyalty to where it is now (plus great personalities) and will likely remain successful because of this two way dialogue. I do agree with +Becky Worley , the west coast time zone can make it challenging. But as wireless (mobile carrier) transmission costs level off and begin their deflationary trajectory (once more) in the near future, this may not be a real problem going forward.
As long as you keep making shows with the same great talent, research, and in depth discussion, I don't care when you do it. 
I for one am in favor of the change. It would be nice if I could have TNT downloaded for my drive home.
You offer a great show/product in exchange for us listening to an ad that usually goes on too long. Sounds like a good deal to me. You'll make the change and people will either continue to listen or they won't. I'm sure the folks at TWIT didn't say "Lets come up with something that will suck for the show and piss our listeners off!" Bottom line, I think you've earned our trust on this one.
I'm in favor of the change. It will give me a better chance to watch/listen. If the turn around time for the audio podcast was around two hours like I think it is or close to now I could listen on my way home even on the east coast. I will also be more likely to watch live at 1p ET during lunch.
Initial thought is this will be better for Central and Eastern Timers but for PDT'ers it might be TNY (Tech News Yesterday).

For us tech professionals in Silicon Valley it is damn handy to have the days news discussed to us on our commute home.

Makes me worry about TNT in TWIT's lineup.

For me, I thinks it's one on TWITs better programs.

Tom, stand your ground bro...
I never liked live anyway because you can't play it at 1.5X speed. 
It's always going to be Tech News Yesterday for me because I have to download it to my iPod at night so I can have it when I go in to work at 7am Pacific. This doesn't bother/affect me in the least. Hope the flames aren't too hot, Tom!
Even though it would mean i could catch it live which i might do from time to time I will save the podcast as its my favorite thing to watch on my iphone while im working. 
As a European I prefer the 10am PT (7pm CET) time slot because it will be on prime time for Europe!
Thanks +Tom Merritt for giving us the +TWiT point of view. The only issue I have is that it was perfect for the drive home for us east coasters. I listened live everyday on my way home. Guess I will just have to start listening to the recorded version.
I don't care when you air it. I always watch the podcast anyway. I get tech news all day. It's the analysis I enjoy. 
That was a great break down of your reasoning. Truly you can't please all the people, but thanks for trying. Wether you truely care about this debate or not at least you presented a resonable argument for the decision.
Awww +Becky Worley you're the best. Get over here!

OK, so here's a follow-up to yesterday's test lineup in the original post. You can use this to evaluate how much news breaks after the new time at 10 AM.

These are the stories that were in the 3 PM show that were not in the test lineup above.

Dsicussion section:

-Zynga CEO Mark Pincus's thoughts from D10

-Intel to offer free WiFi (which we knew about at 10 AM but I didn't include in the 'test'. An example of me changing my mind while looking for a good discussion story)

News Fuse:
-Aaron Sorkin talking about Steve Jobs movie at D10
-Verizon offering 300 Mbps FIOS
well there goes drinking on fridays for you guys, but that does mean I can watch it right after lunch at my current job
I like this. I listen to the audio version on my commute home at 5pm EST...As it is now, I am always a day behind on your shows
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