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A podcast about weirdo artists, strange creators, bizarre performers, and cool shit.

If this picture doesn't make you want to listen to a fresh, damn skippy good time podcast, well then I ain't got nothin' else for you.

#bizarrre #art #music #writing #creativewriting #podcast  
Pedro Proença sits down to talk about traveling from Brazil to the United States for the first time to attend BizarroCon '15. He shares his experiences of the convention, being a part of the New Bizarro Author Series, and trying tacos for the first time. Pedro Proença's Official Website. This week's music: "Baby, I'm a Nihilist" by the Stupid Stupid Henchmen The Stupid Stupid Henchmen on Bandcamp Jeff Attacks logo by Matthew Revert Jeff At...
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Tom Lucas

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Make your copy of PAX TITANUS even more BIZARRO by wrapping it in this ALTERNATE REALITY BOOK COVER featuring NEW AND ORIGINAL art by M.P. Johnson.

Each book cover is numbered and signed by M.P and myself. 

It’s fucking beautiful. He drew Titanus ripping my head off. Amazing!

It’s easy to get one.

Buy a copy of PAX TITANUS between now and 9/12 and email me (room1331 at a screenshot of your receipt. This is a worldwide offer too!

If you’ve been waiting to buy or just weren’t sure – Now is the time. Only 100 have been printed and when they are gone, they are GONE.

Already own it and can’t afford to buy another copy? I might be able to help.

More details here:

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Tom Lucas

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Check it out.
Because I've been doing this for months now....yes! this is what I've been doing.....

please share...i f you kinda like me.

Hex Proof
Slackerbitch - Hex Proof Episode 1 | YNIS Media Network by Hex Proof
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Tom Lucas

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Get Some BIG Goodies!
Special May Spectacular Promo!

PURCHASE or REVIEW Pax Titanus in May and I'll send you a Mega Ultimate Fan Pack including:
-- Sweet Bookmarks!
-- Limited Edition Intergalactic SkullCrushFest Sticker!
-- Signed Author Book Plate!
-- Other Stickers!
-- Exclamation Points!!!!

39 4-5 Star Reviews on Amazon... 
And you still haven't picked up your copy????
Let's do this.

Details here:

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Hi Folks, So here's the deal... I need to sell about 100 copies of Pax Titanus. It's a serious issue. It means the difference between earning a book contract or well, NOT. So, I have put together a...
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Tom Lucas

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Space Walrus is a wonderful book. My latest book review here.

#bookreviews   #books   #bizarro  
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Tom Lucas

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Today, Word Horde’s social media maniac Sean M. Thompson talks with one of the preeminent tastemakers of the Bizarro and Weird Fiction scenes, not to mention a darn fine writer, Nikki Guerlai…
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Tom Lucas

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To stir up a little late summer momentum, I'm giving away a FREE, signed copy of my baby, PAX TITANUS. The giveaway ends 8/22 so don't wait. Click here to enter!
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Tom Lucas

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New poem on the blog today. Just a sweet little thing.

#poetry   #love   #passion  
I’d tell you a secret But I don’t trust the walls They lean in when I start to speak. I’d tell you a secret But I think you already know What I am going to say. I’d tell you a secret But then I wou...
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Tom Lucas

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You Might Just Make It Out Of This Alive by Garrett Cook From the Back Cover: From the Wonderland Award winning author of Time Pimp and Jimmy Plush, Teddy Bear Detective comes a new collection of w...
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Tom Lucas

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Are you on Goodreads? What are you doing next week? Wanna hang out and read my book?

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   #paxtitanus   #goodreads  
Are you on Goodreads? If you are, next month (NEXT WEEK) Pax Titanus and the other fine NBAS books will be the featured read in the Bizarro Fiction group. There are separate threads for each book, ...
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Tom Lucas

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Thanks for making 2014 a great year. My friends are the best. Here's to a kick-ass 2015 for us all! #newyearsresolution   #newyearsday2015  
    2014 is now a wrap. It is but a memory. It is the past, and whether it treated you well or terribly, it is done and done. You can’t go there and you don’t live there anymore. Here we ...
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An Interview with Nikki Guerlain

Today, Word Horde’s social media maniac Sean M. Thompson talks with one of the preeminent tastemakers of the Bizarro and Weird Fiction scene

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