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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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I haven't posted in awhile about my friend +Shelli Snyder... I've been caught up in the trappings of my every day life and not had much of a chance to reflect about what's going on, though I've been reading the updates from her family and anxiously await any word from anyone.

For anyone who isn't following closely, let me start by saying that Shelli is doing so amazingly well. She's so much further along with her recovery than I'd have ever imagined by this point, though of course she still has a long way to go. I've heard that she's able to write and to read things on a tablet and click Like, and that's just fucking amazing to me.

Hitting the $100k goal for fund raising ( is amazing. We're still working to make it a bigger number though, because we want to make sure that she doesn't have to suffer any more over this, and because Shelli is so amazing that we know she'd be still trying for any of us.

This amazing and symbol laden quilt is being raffled for the fund raiser, and I got my ticket. :)
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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This is my favorite brew video so far. :)
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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What's in the box? XL commuter bike for scale :)
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True, but it's also 1/5th the weight, water tight, and not discontinued :)
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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It's alive!

After much annoyance in getting it up and running, I now have a functional 3d printer. I guess now that I have a successful print, it's time to get down to the real work that every 3d Printer Owner wants to do: printing upgrades for my 3d Printer!


Part 1 (beginning)
Part 2 (finish)
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As soon as the new rear wheel is ready :)
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Hey everybody -- try to do a better job of locking your bike than these two did!
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+Magnus Akselvoll do yourself a favor and at least go through the frame as well as the wheel.
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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Ok. I'll stop.
This year’s presidential election seems to be more divisive and personal — friendships fraying, families fighting and acquaintances going their separate ways — than in years past. And nowhere is th…
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Fuck it. Collections circles streams +1s... all tedious time wasters for me. On Instagram I'm portraying a dog. That's pretty comfortable. Politics is important to me, but G+ is too fussy a platform anymore.
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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Stolen shamelessly from FB
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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This is seriously freaking cool....
Been wanting to make a retro games emulator console for a while - but knew a standard arcade cabinet would't really fly in this rather minimally-furnished household. But after getting my hands on a Raspberry Pi 2 - and seeing the wonderful RetroPie distro for getting emulators up and running - I realised I could make something quite small, and started formulating plans for something more subtle - and collecting bits and pieces to use in it. Much ...
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+Geoffrey Forest Here's something useful to do with your new Raspberry Pi.
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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I've had a functional 3d printer for just a day or so, and already I've printed something functional instead of buying it. I need to swing by the hardware store for some bolts that fit, but this will be all ready to hold the auto-siphon tube above the trub in the fermenter as we rack the beer into a bottling bucket, and then also from there into a keg :)

I hadn't intended to post about every little success, but I feel like I have to share functional prints for +Ian Emmons to get ideas from :)
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Fabricated? Replicated (for that Star Trek vibe)? {Booming voice} Caused to be (or) Brought into existence?
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge Episode 2: Whole Foods

Since we wanted to get 2 done our first week, in case of bad weather later in the challenge, +Lisa Freebairn and I stopped for a quick cup after work on Friday. Friday at 6pm is a difficult time to find a shop that's open and reasonable biking distance, so we settled on Whole Foods.

The coffee is roasted by the company that Whole Foods aquired to expand their horizontal control of the market, and it was just a bit more acidic than I prefer in a light roast. They had a few black teas for Lisa to choose from, so that was OK too. They were jam packed full of people, as apparently Friday is "Date night" at the WF, which is bizarre, but we still were able to get a table outside.

Lisa had lost her U lock at some point in the last few months, so we made a stop at Cain Park Bikes in town and I bought an upgraded Abus Bordo so that she could have the one I bought as a compromise a few weeks ago when I couldn't get the better one. No more forgotten locks for either of us :)

Challenge details:
Whole Foods:

#coffeeneuring #coffeeneuring2016 
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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For fucks' sake, this guy does a spectacular job of explaining why I don't care about your robo trolley "problem" :)
More time and energy wasted on a complete non-problem. +Brad Templeton's explanation of why it's a waste of time is pretty thorough. Basically: if an automated vehicle is in a situation where it is, even in principle, able to make a decision like this... it's already operating so far outside its design parameters that something has gone horribly wrong and it's got no basis whatsoever for doing anything but hitting the brakes and calling for help.
I had hoped I was done ranting about our obsession with what robocars will do in no-win “who do I hit?” situations, but this week, even Barack Obama in his interview with Wired opined on the issue, prompted by my friend Joi Ito from the MIT Media Lab. (The Media Lab recently ran a misleading ...
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If technophilia were justification enough, we'd all have personal jetpacks by now.
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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2016 Coffeeneuring Challenge Episode 1: Dewey's Coffee

After thinking about it for years, and even discussing it last year, we're finally taking part in the challenge. 7 coffee shops (or similar) in 7 weeks, by bike. We chose this stop mostly for proximity, as it's just a bit over 3 miles from the spot where we normally meet up in the mornings to bike together, and also about 3 miles added onto our normal commute trip. There are closer shops, but the rules require 2 miles round trip, but allow for the trip to be added on to an already planned ride.

The coffee is roasted locally (I believe by Phoenix) to their custom specifications and they had quite a nice selection of black teas as well. +Lisa Freebairn is unable to drink coffee these days, so as we've been searching for stops, "loose black tea" has been a major bonus on the menu. Dewey's doesn't do loose tea, but they do have +Inca Tea and that's a close second :) Dewey's also features house-made pastries and so we grabbed a cheese danish to split as well.

We locked up at the Bike Box on the square, and had quite a lovely time. I think we'll do this again tomorrow :)

Challenge details:
Bike Boxes:
#coffeeneuring   #coffeeneuring2016  
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I love the coffeenuering challenge. Didn't realize another one was scheduled for this year. I need to think of a way to incorporate this into our San Jose Bike Train rides / coffee klatch.

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Amazing locally sourced food, ridiculously good desserts. Pricey, but worth it.
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College pizza, weird homemade noodles, authentic-ish italian food.
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62 reviews
Friendly and helpful staff. We got checked in quickly, enjoyed the whirlpool suite, and were on our way in the morning. The breakfast was mediocre, but that was exactly what I'd expected and the actually fresh and ripe fruit was nice.
Public - 3 weeks ago
reviewed 3 weeks ago
Very good. Solid Mexican recipes, fast and friendly service. The booths are tiny, so if you're tall you should ask for a table :)
Public - a month ago
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Great little college bar and grill. The staff is friendly and helpful, the draft beer list is among the best in town, and the food is the best on campus.
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reviewed a month ago