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At the beginning of last week, I was just starting to notice how important +Shelli Snyder  had been in my life. I was wondering how I was supposed to find out about all of the cool stuff I didn't have time or energy to participate in. +Lisa Freebairn and I were following her journey avidly, even if we didn't always comment, and we'd been talking about how much fun it would be to get dragged on an adventure and catch up the next time we visited Seattle.

At the beginning of this week, my worldview shattered. The strongest and most self motivated human being I have ever had the pleasure to meet was tragically struck down by a motor vehicle while she was living her dream. Her audacious journey cut short by an unsafe driver.

She's lying in a hospital bed in Montana, surrounded by her fiancee, her mother, and a couple of other people who are on my "best people I've ever met" list. She's fighting for her life, supported by our love and a community of medical professionals who are doing their best. Once she's recovered enough to be moved, they're going to bring her closer to home to complete her recovery, and that's going to cost quite a lot of money.

There are some local fund raising events coming up -- a benefit concert, a ride, some merchandise, but the primary way that we're going to be able to help her is by throwing money at this fund raising site. Please consider sending her a couple of dollars.
While biking from Cleveland (Our Fair City) to Seattle (Home of Max the Yeti, her fiancé), Shelli Snyder was struck from behind on Sunday, September 18, 2016 by a motorist at 60 mph. As of today (September 19th), Shelli is currently in a hospital. Those of you who know Shelli know how strong she...
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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Excellent choices! 
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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A woman who was there shortly after my friend was struck from behind by a vehicle going 60+mph joined the facebook group that was set up in support and told her story. It's absolutely heartbreaking to be sitting here at home and wondering, and her story sheds a little more light on what happened. Photo unrelated, but I seem to have quite a few pics of me eating ice cream with +Shelli Snyder and facebook links look weird here.

her story:

My earlier post:

The fundraising site:
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Yeah :(
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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7 days since the boil, this is good, right?
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Ah,cool! Even better!
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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I always forget that Zenni takes their goddamned time even when you pay for express shipping. Just "doing QC" since Friday morning early? sheesh!
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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I should be cleaning. Or doing laundry. Or cleaning and doing laundry. Instead of that, I laced up my new wheel! I haven't applied any tension yet, nor have I attempted to true or dish or tension the wheel, but at least I strung it all together and it appears to fit and I only lost two spoke nipples inside the double walled rim. Any thoughts on how to get those damned things out, besides shaking it vigorously?
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that's just crazy enough that it might work....
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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People who can't handle salty language can go fuck themselves. And their mom twice. Sideways. You know who you are.
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+Tom Ligman​​​​​​​​​ also, anecdotally, just using the forums I subscribe to, almost all (perhaps all, but I am giving a little room for doubt) of the "my helmet saved my life" stories come from folks who were clipped in or whom were assing about on mountain bikes in rocky terrain. Nothing like a typical omafiets rider, then.
No-one in my family has either clipless pedals or off-road tyres.
Indeed, none of us even have tyres that weigh less that 600g per tyre (so high-speed blowouts are unlikely).

It is a classic error of logic to apply the specific to the general.
It is already clear that this (in general) has happened here.

I will read on, but it is not clear to me that child injuries are going to be differentiated from adult injuries. As the normal explanation for the lower speed injuries that children tend to get is that children make poor decisions due to lack of experience, then that would also undermine the validity of the application of the study being applicable to adults.
So the adult omafiets-type rider looks to be the data that is least well represented in the study, yet that is the very category that we are in when not wearing helmets.
To give an analogy to make the point:
In the UK, motoring insurance is based primarily on age.
Age is used as a proxy for experience. A 17-yr old in a car or on a motorcycle is deemed VERY high risk.
For a 17yr old who is a new driver, compared to 50 year old with similar experience, the 17 yr old pays more for the same vehicle being used it the same way. Why? Because 17 year olds crash more. Plain and simple. Even if they are both "novice drivers".
Then take a typical 50 yr old, who has maybe 30 yrs experience of driving, and they might pay a third to a tenth of what a 17yr old pays (the premium multiple goes up as the car gets faster!). Take into account the typical"crash-free" bonus an older motorist has built up, and the differences are even greater. An old chap like me can afford to insure just about anything, but 17-yr olds are notorious for paying more for annual motoring insurance than for the actual car. Indeed, the "youth risk" is so great that most hire companies simply refuse to rent cars to folks under 21, even though there is no law preventing it.

So, to summarise, having already found that speed has not been accounted for in the Australian study, I will be looking for rider type (MTB, road, omafiets) and rider age.
I suspect that neither factor will have been accounted for.
But, of course I can only do that with the full study, so thanks for giving me the opportunity.
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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+Adam Pressler  Aww you always say the nicest things.
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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So I just dumped out my panniers and my toolkit so I could figure out what my minimum carry is for this afternoon's ride. I'm going to an event across town in support of my friend who is still in critical condition, and I'll be locking up my bike outside of a bar for several hours in a less than perfect neighborhood, so I want to reduce the number of things I need to keep track of while I'm there.

I was a little stunned by how stupid this toolkit buildout is. Why do I have 2 inflators and only one cartdridge? Why am I carrying 2 nearly identical multitools? Why does my pill case have no loperimide?

What are you all carrying?

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This won't hurt a bit *snap*
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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Our local advocacy group, +Bike Cleveland, has thrown up a page with updates and info on +Shelli Snyder, who was struck from behind at 60+mph while riding her bike across the country.

Some days it seemed like everyone knew Shelli and that she was involved in everything, and I was already missing her. It wasn't a surprise at all when she announced that not only was she going to leave her job and life in Cleveland behind to go somewhere that she could enjoy the great outdoors all year (and be with her boyfriend Max) but that she was going to send all of her belongings ahead and ride her bicycle to get there. An ambitious ride, leaving in the high heat of summer, biking into the wind as she traveled west to explore and visit and really see the place in a way that few ever do, it seemed like everyone was jealous of her plans.

Now we're all anxious and waiting to hear about any news. She's in a medically induced coma, and they have a CAT scan scheduled for later today. Her mom and her best friends got on the first flight out yesterday and were with her as soon as possible, and Max drove from Seattle to be by her side as well.

I'm barely coping here. There's basically nothing I can do but wait and hope for the best and wonder what the best really is. I urge you to consider sending a couple of dollars to the fund that's been set up to help with the impending medical expenses (and ice cream expenses), as well as for the expenses of her family and her friends who might as well be family as they care for her so far from home. I also urge you to be safe, because I'm certain that I can't handle anything happening to any of you either.

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I agree and I do understand. I just am not ready to feel outrage yet...
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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Oh no :(

Shelli Snyder, one of my dear friends, has been biking from Cleveland to Seattle. Last night Shelli was struck by a driver in Montana from behind at 60mph. (The driver was detained) Troopers and an ambulance were on the scene within minutes. Shelli has suffered a left hip/leg injury and fractured skull. She underwent surgery last evening to repair the hip/leg and relive the swelling from bleeding in her brain. At this time Shelli is in critical condition. Friends and family are on their way to Montana to be by her side. Please drive carefully.

You can help with her recovery bills by donating to her at
While biking from Cleveland (Our Fair City) to Seattle (Home of Max the Yeti, her fiancé), Shelli Snyder was struck from behind on Sunday, September 18, 2016 by a motorist at 60 mph. As of today (September 19th), Shelli is currently in a hospital. Those of you who know Shelli know how strong she...
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That's terrible.
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Tom “T-Rex” Ligman

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More progress... Spokes progressively radially tightened and rough dished the wheel. It's very not true laterally, but it's pretty good radially so that's something.

The bench vise is a big help. The last wheel I built (Alfine dynamo front for this same bike) was a lot more of a struggle with the tools.
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Great little college bar and grill. The staff is friendly and helpful, the draft beer list is among the best in town, and the food is the best on campus.
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probably the best Asian food in the Heights. Quick, tasty, reasonably priced.
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College pizza, weird homemade noodles, authentic-ish italian food.
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I love this little theater! Friendly and accessible community theater that's always a great night out.
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