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Google has released great underwater "streetview" aka. "seaview" aka. "oceanview" around Australia, the Philippines and Hawaii. I have captured a few 'first swim' impressions. This gives a great look into what you may see, in smaller or bigger scale, if you by any chance one day do a (real) dive in some of these great (and most any) coral reefs.

HiRes version of a animated turtle swim included!topic/gec-our-oceans-seas/7BjcFAzpBMM

"underwater streetview" examples:

At the water's edge (Fish at the beach..)
 - Lady Elliot Island, Australia

Turtle coral swimming (A turtle swim)
- Heron island, Australia

Diving with manta ray (Large manta ray flying near surface)
- Lady Elliot Island, Australia

An ancient coral (A coral sticking out)
- Apo Island, Philippines

Scuba at Maui's Molokini Crater (Divers preparing to go into the deep)
 - Hawaii

Wilson Island (A manta ray rising...)
- Great Barrier Reef, Australia

"Yellow fish" (A flock of Raccoon butterflyfish at the reef)
- Oahu, Hawaii, Hanauma Bay
Google Earth Oceanview (7 fotos)
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A manta ray with a sun ray, at Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia. +Jan McCartney +Rob Robinson +Chee Yow +Jamal Masood

Original Google Ocean View is here at Wilson Island, Great Barrier Reef, Australia

"Queensland / Great Barrier Reef" week at +Artistic Google 
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Danish Fyrskib XXI  (Lightship active from 1912 until 1988) and Frigatten Jylland (The frigate Jylland fighting in the battle of Heligoland on the 9th of May 1864) located at Ebeltoft - original GSV here

Denmark Week at +Artistic Google - Curated by +Jan McCartney +Rob Robinson +Chee Yow +Jamal Masood
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Here are the hi-res images related to the (hopefully ongoing updated and added) list of my humble contributions, so far, to this great Google Earth (GE) program and interaction. Hope you enjoy this as much as I do. All the best, Tom Kjeldsen

The shortest scheduled flight in the world
Isle of Man Tourist Trophy Snaefell Mountain Course
Whistler Sea to Sky Climb with Rocky Mountaineer
Mississippi River tour
Fairy Circles of the Namib Desert
The Jungfrau Railway Train tour
The Thor Heyerdahl Sailing expeditions
Congo River tour
The Vitus Bering expeditions
Si Du River Bridge, worlds highest above ground
Ned Kelly, The Irish Australian bushranger
Caledonian Canal tour
The Jacobite Steam Train Railway Track tour
Danyang Kunshan Grand Bridge, the worlds longest
Jiaozhou Bay Bridge, worlds longest over water
The Danmark expedition
Highway 1 tour
Panama Canal tour
Yangtze River tour
Skjernaa (Skjern River) tour
Volga Don Canal tour
Fiordland National Park, New Zealand
Zambezi River and Victoria Falls tour
Gota Canal tour
Bergen Line tour
Hawaiian-Emperor seamount chain
Man in the moon
Date Line
Tennis courts Denmark
Big Horn face
River Nile tour
3D model tracks
Mariana Trench tour
Colorado River tour
K1, K2, K3, K4, K5 mountains
Mount Everest tour
Amazon River tour
Gudenaa (River Guden) tour
Kiel Canal tour
Suez Canal tour

...for links see...

The online list/post of files can be found at these great sites:

Tom Kjeldsen files list / linkfile (at the newGEC) here: shortlink: (

Tom Kjeldsen files list (at the old-retired-GEC) here:!topic/gec-earth-browsing-moderated/xLotyddwUAU shortlink: (

Tom Kjeldsen files list (at GEH) here: shortlink: (

GE.DOOLEY.DK shortlink: ( - Tom Kjeldsen Google Earth site :)

...or why dont you just check out the images:
31 Photos - View album
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