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Long time since the last time I have posted here on Google+. But yeah, I'm still using it daily, so no worries about me.

However, today I got me a very nice Christmas present as I completed and did the driving test without any problems. I completed the driving test for the 'Class B' certificate.

Merry Christmas :-D. 

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Well, kinda funny though. Even when i have the Samsung Galaxy Note 4, i decided to buy the Samsung Galaxy S6 edge+ 64 GB (Black) today.

The reason i bought the Galaxy S6 edge+ is the edge screens and Samsung Pay. Yes, i love to try out new techs. So i'm giving it a shoot.

So i will sell my Galaxy Note 4 pretty soon.

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I'm kinda intrested to see what you guys prefer to use for creating free webpages / blog pages.
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Google Blogger

Happy birthday +Jamaar DeBoise :-D

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Well, i do have the same thing from time to time. It can be scary as hell sometimes. Last time it was so bad that i had to call for the Ambulance myself as i was alone and didn't take any risks incase it was something wrong. I haven't experienced it so bad as that before, so you can guess i was scared.

But i have been told several times now after that last time that the symptoms i have aren't dangerous. And they haven't found any causes for it yet either.

Wonder on what is causing that. It feels like the whole body is getting out of control.

It must be something that causes that for me.

There is one thing i have been wondering about for a long time. Why are NASA investing so much effort into getting peoples to Mars in the future and not investing their effort in getting peoples to our Moon instead that is much closer and have better tempratures than Mars have?

Not only that, but it's much easier to get peoples to Mars as NASA already did in 1969 over moving them all the way to Mars.

What do you here thinks about it?

Do you have any thoughts on why they are investing so much effort into Mars over our Moon?
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