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Tom Hail

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+Lewish Ogechi :-) I get jokes all the time about the V-tail and then I wasn't sure you were asking a serious question or joking. 
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Tom Hail

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I had to write this down. I think it's pretty clear which viable candidate to vote for. No vote is a vote for Trump and darkness. Fuck that. 
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Tom Hail

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Guesses on what airplane this is?
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Ok, I win.
Chris plans to restore it to flight, new covering and registration is all it needs after a thourogh inspection. The woodwork is beautifully done.
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Tom Hail

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KWVI had a visitor today. 
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Tom Hail

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Tom Hail

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Your brain will lie to you without qualm, warning, reason, or regret at any moment of your life. Just look at an optical illusion, get stoned or drunk, have a head injury, pull a bunch of three G aerobatic loops, or spend a bunch of time on a dark quiet night star gazing. The brain making up shit for you is constant.
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like water sick or air sick. Today,I went the movie IMAX 3D. It was my first time to watch IMAX 3D anyway. I did get some stoned before go watching and brought a beer that threater are allowed to sell the people in Nevada. I sipped the beer about 4 times then stop drinking. It caused my brain confused and it caused my body confused,too. I got a sick a little and have to go through the movie get finished. I learned a lesson. Next time,have to be straight if want to go see IMAX or go see the normal movie if get myself doped up. lol. You are right. Now,Get feel better when drink the water and ate a candy bar after the movie finished. Oh,boy...I am too old for this shit. Thanks!
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Tom Hail

General Aviation (Small/Corporate)  - 
25 kids got into the air today on a cool, grey day. But it was a good day! Besides flying we had 44D out for display and a metal working workshop using an English Wheel to form some curved metal domes, a disappearing skill.
#YoungEagles #EAA #EAA119
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Tom Hail

General Aviation (Small/Corporate)  - 
When you take kids flying, sometimes they come back and take kids flying.
#EAA #YoungEagles
In 2013, when I was 13 years old, I took my first Young Eagles flight with pilot Tom Hail, Young Eagles coordinator at the Watsonville Airport (EAA Chapter 119, Watsonville, California) in a Cessna 172. I was hooked.
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Go for it! ;)
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Tom Hail

General Aviation (Small/Corporate)  - 
Any guesses what this is? :-)
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On an F-15 that would be a -21 cove one of many
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Tom Hail

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What is it? Guesses?
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+Bradford Hinton Ercoupe it is!
Sorry, I should have been more specific with my question. 
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Tom Hail

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What's this?
Too easy?
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Yep. Too easy I guess. :-)

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Tom Hail

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Barbarism reduced to injustice.
I keep making this comment in the comments section of this article and the moderators either block it or now have changed my comment to something bland.
RIYADH: The death sentence imposed on a Sri Lankan housemaid for adultery was commuted to a three-year jail term by a three-member Appeals Court in Dawadmi on Tuesday.
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+Liana Mori The same as any good Quran following Muslim, the 7th. 
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