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Trends that can help you to improve succession management

The main objective of succession management today is to give the Supervisory Board comfort If you talk to CEO’s and CHRO’s of large organisations, succession management always is a high priority. And it has been for many years. Also, supervisory boards…

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To a more human and holistic HR

When I started working, in 1982, HR did not really exist. We were called Personnel Managers. Probably I just started working in the period that personnel management started to gain importance, and management and personnel professionals became aware that…

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New Candidate Experience Benchmark

The Dutch national candidate experience benchmark Since the beginning of this year Search & Co Group started a national candidate experience benchmark on how companies are really treating their applicants. The group wants to help companies substantially…

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8 talent management trends for 2018 #talentmanagement

More than 2 years ago we published “10 talent management trends for 2016”. Time for an update. Talent Management: a real priority or window dressing? When you ask CEO’s and CHRO’s what their key priorities are for the coming year, talent management always…

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Artificial Intelligence and HR #AI #HRTrends #HRinnoday

On May 20, 2017, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute, gave a presentation at the HR Innovation Day 2017, in Leipzig. The title of his presentation was: “Artificial Intelligence: threat or opportunity for HRM”. His presentation was recorded, and the video…

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5 questions to Tom Haak, by HRD Connect #HRTrends

HRD Connect recently interviewed Tom Haak, Director of the HR Trend Institute. They asked Tom five questions: How will robots change the future of HR? How can AI help HR to have more impact? How can augmented reality have an impact on HR? How quick is HR…

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New trends in recruitment and selection #HRtrends #recruitment

Many recruitment processes still deliver a poor candidate experience In March 2015, we published our article: “7 trends in recruitment and selection“. Time for an update. It is remarkable how slow organisations are in adapting to trends, and using the…

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HR Analytics: danger or new perspective for HRM? #peopleanalytics

On May 28, 2016, Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute, conducted a presentation at the HR Innovation Day, in Leipzig. The presentation was filmed, and we are happy to provide you a link here. In his presentation Tom focuses on innovative methods to gather…

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The invasion of Chat Bots (HR Trends 2017, 16) #HRTrends #chatbots

   I am Norman, the writing bot. How can I help you?  My name is Tom Haak. I am working at the HR Trend Institute, and writing a blog post about the use of chatbots in HR.  Nice to meet you, Tom. How can I help you?  What is a chatbot?  A chatbot is a ……

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Fresh Podcast #2: Interview with Tom Haak #HRtrends

Kevin Schuurmans, of Fresh Forces, recently started a podcast, called “Frisse Podcast” (Fresh Podcast). In episode 2 he interviews Tom Haak of the HR Trend Institute. In 47 minutes various subjects are covered, as guerrilla HR, the power of artificial…
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