Networking in +systemd - the immediate future

My last post for now about networkd:

Firstly, it became clear early on that we needed a dhcp library, and that none (that fit our needs) existed. Luckily, Patrik Flykt was already hard at work extracting connman's dhcp handling into a (actually several) librarie(s). He has already posted the patches for DHCPv4 to the mailinglist, and it all looks very promising. I expect that we'll merge this stuff shortly and then quickly integrate it with networkd. Maybe not for v209, but certainly for v210.

Another item high on my TODO list is to add some dbus introspection. At first, we'll probably just expose enough to implement something like "networkctl --wait-online", so that we can properly bring up, which will be appreciated by people using remote filesystems. We will also introduce an interface so other network daemons may queuery us to find out if we are currently in charge of a given network device (say "networkctl --managing-ifindex 2", and the equivalent over dbus). This is important in order to avoid a situation where we have set up a network connection used to mount say the rootfs, and someone else then decides to 'take over' the device, and possibly tear down the connection (say too early at shutdown). These sorts of things have been problematic in the past, and it is important for us to make it simple to avoid in the future. Implementing this will be relatively straight-forward, in large part thanks to the fancy new dbus library we now have, making these things a breeze.
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