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Tom Gehrke

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The Suicide Squid

Sorry. Just had to get this out of my system.
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Tom Gehrke

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The Trials of King Sparrow

+Bill Meeks wrote another book and let me paint the cover! 

Here it is for your reading pleasure!
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Tom Gehrke

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Soulful Simian

This is one baboon with soul. Look into his eyes...

Took this at the Milwaukee County Zoo last month.
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+Jason Howell I did! And you can't see it, but he's wearing an Apple Watch. Sport edition, natch.
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Tom Gehrke

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You can tell its near the end of a long day for me with some ridiculous deadlines (of which I nailed all of them) when I start posting things like this
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Tom Gehrke

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Yes, please.
Expansion II: House of Wolves arrives on 5/19. The Reef will soon be open to all Guardians. Let the hunt begin.
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Apple Watch Reviews Review

Some interesting takes here. And then...  #drama .

Read the linked article first. And then the following Twitter exchange:
  by Jean-Louis Gassée Product reviews of the Apple Watch launch are reaching new summits — and depths. A Business Insider post gave me an idea for a revealing experiment. This isn’t an Apple Watch review — I don’t even have a Watch, yet. I’ve been told that my 42mm alumin-ium Sport model will arrive in “4 to 6 weeks”, mid to late May. Even then, I’ll hold out for my third impression. I’ve learned to distrust my first reaction: I thought the iPod...
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Tom Gehrke

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Showing the steps I went through to create "Soulful Simian".
This Hangout On Air is hosted by Tom Gehrke. The live video broadcast will begin soon.
A Photo Processing Run-Through
Fri, April 24, 4:04 PM
Hangouts On Air - Broadcast for free

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+Bill Meeks Oof! I thought I was prepared, but... Going to try to edit this into something less terrible.

But enough procrastinating. If I waited until I was absolutely ready, I'd never do it.
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Tom Gehrke

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Vampire Hunter D is coming out on bluray. A classic!
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Tom Gehrke

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How many of you would be interested in a Hangout/video to see how I went from before (bleh) to after (woohoo!) on the latest photo I've shared?
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Damn I have a business trip tomorrow, will be free over the weekend though
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Tom Gehrke

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Crazy deal! It might not be the hottest tablet (hot... fire... nevermind) but for $79?! 

Don't look at me that way. I remember when HP was ditching their tablet stock some of you were forking out $99-$199 for that. That's right. I don't forget anything.

Now... what was I saying?
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Yeah, but when I bought the HP TouchPad, it was great hardware for that price.  This is meh hardware.  ;-)
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Tom Gehrke

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Still too niche for me, but definitely more tempting at a huge discount.
Remember the +Lytro Light Field Cameras that allowed you to refocus your image AFTER you took it? First announced in 2011, and then shipping in 2012, you can now score yourself one at up to 85% off.
Remember the Lytro Light Field Cameras that allowed you to refocus your image AFTER you took it? First announced in 2011, and then shipping in 2012, you can now score yourself one at up to 85% off.
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Tom Gehrke

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Works for me!
I try not to get too hyped about movies from trailers, but oh boy. Oh boy oh boy.
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This takes place in San Fran while DD happens in Hells Kitchen. It is a heist movie vs a lawyer drama. I think they can both easily exist in the same universe... The same universe that has a talking tree and a genetically modified raccoon. I like the difference
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