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Version 1.2 is now Stable. The new stable branch is now based on the old master branch. The stable branch is the new version 1.2.

Please us stable or master when downloading.

Stable will receive bug fixes. Master will receive bug fixes, new features and enhancement.

Version 1.2 and Version 1.1 repos may not receive fixes. Version 1.2 will only be updated if a major but is found. They are a reference point for the dev team to work from.

Version 1.2 branch repo may not receive updates as needed, the stable branch will receive fixes as needed for general use. All references to Version 1.2 should me made to stable. Install stable and not Version 1.2. This will allow us to better help you will any issues that may arise.

Stable = Use this, most (if not all) the bugs have been worked out, it is the best way to use lightshowpi and it will receive updates as needed
Master = Experimental, new features and enhancements are added, it should work, but you might find a problem or 2. Use this only if you are willing/able report issues to help to resolve them.

For all those that want to use digital led strips I have a version of lightshowpi that I am Alpha testing.

From a RPI you can use WS2801, APA102, and LPD8806 right from the RPI SPI pins.

If you have and AllPixel then you can use the above plus WS2811, WS2812, WS2812B, NEOPIXEL, APA104, WS2811_400, TM1809, TM1804, TM1803, UCS1903, SM16716, LPD1886, and P9813

If you don't have an AllPixel then don't worry. Just about any Arduino will work with the included sketches and support all of the AllPixel led strips.

I have been able to run several hundred leds off the spi header and the same for serial devices (AllPixel, Arduinos). The upper level is unknown at this time. But several hundred is a good start.

For using SPI led strips look at the config for settings details and to for SPI setup.
For serial devices look at the README in the Arduino folder.

This branch is under active development and will receive frequent updates. Updates may or may not break features. So be warned, Alpha version of software, it will contain bugs.

+Ken B and I have been working on the software for some time now. And think you will enjoy it.

But remember this is Alpha software. It may not have all the features of lightshowPi, and may not always work as expected. Please report all bug or issues.

Have fun. And please report bugs if you find them. We can only fix this if we know there is something to fix.

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Google is messing with the Google Voice login page again.
So if your using sms and you installed lightshowpi before the date and time of this post, you will need to update pygooglevoice.
sudo pip install pygooglevoice --upgrade

version bumped to 0.5.2

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Don't know if this matters to any body here, but........

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Today was January 6.  A special day for millions of people around the world.  This day is Epiphany, Three Kings Day, or The twelfth (and last) day of Christmas.  In America unless you are a devout Catholic the day just passes as another day.  Well I'm not Catholic, but my father was so I know the day does mean something.

Just before Halloween in 2000 I meet a woman, just a neighbor at first.  But by the end of December we were dating.  Christmas time came and I wanted to get her a gift, but money said no.  It turned out that she was in a similar situation.  Well I remembered Epiphany and the story my father told me.  And she and I decided that we would exchange gifts on January 6.  Throughout 2001 our relationship grew.   Christmas came again, both of our financial situations were improved, but we remembered the year before and again exchange gifts on January 6.  This became our thing, The Twelfth Day of Christmas was our Christmas.  At least until Christmas 2004.  I couldn't wait until Jan. 6 or even Dec. 25.  I proposed around the beginning of the month.  It was not a surprise, we had moved in together, she knew that I had started to make payment on a ring.  But what she didn't know was that I had made more payments on the ring then she thought and that I had saved more money then she knew and that I had already setup some of the arrangements.  So on January 6, 2005 we became man and wife.  So today and all the day of Christmas are special to us. 

Christmas is special to us, and we love to do special things for Christmas.  And decorating and putting up the lights for Christmas is a special thing that we do.  We always wanted to do a special light display, we would spend hours putting up lights, even won a few contests, but never "felt" is was what we were looking for.  I came across this project last year and we loved it from the start.  

So now it is part of us and we can't see this time of year without it.  Today we had a special dinner, we exchanged gifts, and we looked at our lights one last time before we take them down tomorrow.

My wife and I would like to that +Todd Giles, +chris usey, +Stephen Burning, +paul dunn and the rest of the dev team and the entire Community for their input and support of the project.  All of you have helped to make this an even more special time of the year for my wife and me.  Anything that we have done is nothing compared to what we have received.  I only hope that we can help you as much as you have helped us.

Thank you for your contributions and support. 

I hope you all have a great 2016 and I hope that you don't forget that lightshowpi is not just for Christmas, it's for anything that you want to make special.  Valentines Day is coming up soon!  Mood lighting can make a special moment so much more.

Use your imagination, create something different.  For Valentines to a harvest party, to what ever you want to do, If you need help just say so, we will still be looking here all year round to help in any way we can.

I just wanted to share why I use lightshowpi and why I love it so much  before the day was out.  

Please share what, why, how, you decided that lightshowpi was for you.  I would love to hear why you choose this project and what makes it special for you.................

Please share your thoughts.

Well since nobody else has done so.


I am looking forward to seeing this community grow and continue in 2016.

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+Stephen Burning 's webui is now available here

To install 
cd ~
git clone
cd lighshowpi
git fetch && git checkout Webui_stable
sudo ./

"Happy Christmas to all and to all a good night."
"God bless us, every one"

And a special thank you to the community for their spirit of sharing and helping. 
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