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Tom Doggett
I'm a programmer, Ancient Greek reader, feminist, spouse and partner, and a dad.
I'm a programmer, Ancient Greek reader, feminist, spouse and partner, and a dad.


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My mom has wondered how our mattresses have been working out, so I thought I'd post a collection of pictures of me putting the beds together in the evening. Click on the first picture to start, click the "i" in a circle for my commentary, and right and left to move between pictures.

It's missing the first picture, which I don't have on my phone for some reason, which is the empty room with the mats on the wall. It's really awesome to have a mostly-empty room, it's a very calming place to be in the house.
Putting Out the Bed
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Amazon should reschedule Prime Day for July 19th.  For math reasons.

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The beginning of the end of "truckers" has arrived.  For the past few years I've been convinced that this is what DARPA's autonomous vehicle contests and Google's self-driving cars have been leading to.  In another decade or two being a "trucker" will no longer be a viable career path for people.

Anyone still want a Google Inbox invite?

They finally included full polytonic Greek glyphs in the Lollipop version of Roboto! It's awesome and has at least one fan! Yet one more reason to love +Android​!

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This is an experimental first-time test of the process I want to follow to create a good "riff track" for old LDS films.  Feel free to come into the Hangout at any time during the event and leave anytime; it's not too important.

The film in question will be "Johnny Lingo".  It's certainly the most well-know, and I've seen a riffing of this film done before to great effect so I know it's possible for us to create a great end-product.

This will not just be a simple watch-through.  We're going to be assembling a script of many jokes and comments that we can pare down into something good.  We'll be watching the film in small increments out of order.  So again it doesn't matter if you can't come in on time or have to leave early.

If you live in the San Francisco Bay Area you are welcome to come to our actual home, too, during this time.  Just get in touch with me first so I can give you the address; you can use Google+ to send me a message if you don't already have my email address.

Note: while I anticipate that the resulting riff script for this movie will be age-appropriate the process of creating it may not be.  Also, I am open to anyone who wishes to participate whether they be current Mormons, Exmormons, Never-mormons, or even antagonistic people one way or the other.  Just so that, again, you know the kind of people who may be involved.  We're here to mock the film, not each other.

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I found a new band that I'm currently obsessed with.  Not sure if anyone else cares, but they're got some good stuff.

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At the Bay Area Discovery Museum with Sephie's.
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After finding out that my employers do not frown upon taking a short nap at work I am going to begin a month-long experiment with biphasic sleeping. Not polyphasic, which appears to be nothing more than a way to simultaneously feel superior to everyone else and slowly lose sanity and days of your life. Biphasic is a fancy way of saying "sleep a little less at night (say 5 hours or so) and have a short nap in the afternoon". A siesta, in other words. It's supposed to be even healthier than monophasic (normal) sleeping. It can't be too bad if I'm making my kids do it, right? So we'll see how this goes.
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