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Two new features for the Google+ mobile web app


We've rolled out two new features in the Google+ mobile web app: What's Hot stream, and seeing who +1'd a post.

- With What's Hot, you can now see some of the most interesting content being shared on Google+ with a flick of your thumb. To use it, just swipe to the right of your Circles stream.

- To see who +1'd a post in the stream, just click on the +1 count underneath the post. It's a small improvement that makes it easier to engage with others around content.

Stay tuned for the launch of these features on the Android app, iOS app, and the basic web app.
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Good to see these two features added. I'll use them both. :)
Swipe side to side when viewing the Stream page. You can also add specific circles to the views. So if you want to just see posts from Family then you can do that. (that has been in the app for a while) :)
Any sign of love for WP7 with an App?
Sorry, +Tom Charytoniuk , but my recomendation to anyone is to not update the G+-app.


You guys dropped the more than useful Incoming-Stream and replaced it with the almost useless What's Hot-stream.

We don't want any algorithm-based suggestions of whom to circle but want to decide for ourselves, whom to circle and whom to ignore.

Please feel free to take a look at our arguments for the Return Of The Incoming Stream at our page Give Us Back The Incoming Stream at
Awesome! Can't wait for more updates! An iPad version too! :D
stream on android Google+ scrolls to top automatically when it refreshes ignoring the current post we were reading which is annoying. same behavior is found when we reshare posts.
I will not update the g+ app to protest and keep the incoming stream! For now!
The What's Hot stream is for the web app and not the mobile app, correct?
thank you thank you... I was wondering.. and tried some other lists... but the "What's Hot" is just too dynamic to mimic... Well done!
I don't want what's hot on my mobile! Bring back Incoming, G+ is semi-useless without it. I can't browse the people who've added me! Please for the love of god bring back Incoming.
how 'bout both? what's hot and what's incoming? sounds like how I look at my life as well...
As long as we get Incoming back since that one is actually useful. They could rename it to "followers" since that's what it is. People who follow you.

It's important to know who circled you and why, especially if you're trying ot build an audience. They shot themselves not only in the foot with this one but in both knees.

Not to mention that this is a feature that was better than #twitter 's. Because you could have a separate stream for your followers. Which means you could quickly see who's got the same interests as you do and circle them. Something you can't do on #twitter .

Also it's an easy way to "follow" those people who don't post content you want in your stream but are still entertaining enough to check out every once in a while.
+Virginia Rafael But you're a vampire... how can I take anything you write, even with glowing alacrity, as 'serious' understanding?
Ah, yes of course.
It is your immortality that makes you wise.
Fair enough...
"Google, do what she has bid you to do!"
+Tom Charytoniuk I'll have a look at it (when the Android app is updated) but I'll immediately roll back to the currently-installed version if I see no Incoming (and, from the comments above, I'm expecting not to see it there).

I'll tolerate What's Not being there, but I won't tolerate Incoming not being there.
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