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Capt. Tom Carver
Orlando Florida fishing charters and guided fishing trips just minutes from all major theme parks on the world famous Mosquito Lagoon
Orlando Florida fishing charters and guided fishing trips just minutes from all major theme parks on the world famous Mosquito Lagoon

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Fish Orlando for Christmas now that our winter season is in full affect, the cold fronts that are making their way down from the north have finally dropped the water temperatures low enough to kill the algae and bacteria in the water. What this means is that our water has finally cleared up for incredible sight casting opportunities. Just the other day with the water temperature at 53 degrees I noticed a 50% difference just in water Clarity alone. That was the first time and many months that I had a chance to sight cast for redfish. Along with the colder water clearing up the water the bite has also turned on and made the fish a little bit giddy. I’m catching fish in very shallow water on live mullet and live shrimp. The redfish have been between 24 and 30 in on average with an occasional 40in in the mix. The sea trout have ranged from 12 to 15 in on up to as largest 30 in. There are reports of large black drum out on the flats as well I personally have not targeted them but I know other guys that are catching them on a regular basis so if you’re interested in catching a big black drum we can do that as well.

Because of the holiday season I am offering gift certificates. They can be bought as singles for per person purchases or they can be bought as full trips for as many as 4 people in a group.
The month of December has really heated up for the bite and for business if you were looking to purchase a gift certificate for the holiday and or for sometime down the near future call me at 407 432 5138. I still have a few spots available for this month and January so call soon to reserve your trip.
Thanks for stopping by,

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Crushed some big trout today. All over 20 inches and 1 at 25 inches. We caught redfish, sea trout, snook and black drum on a half day trip for only $300. Get some!
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Awesome trout bite today. Havent gotten a redfish yet but the trout are hot.

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Got onto a nice bite today with 9 fish caught on a half day trip. Let's go get you some!

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Saltwater fishing redfish Orlando, the month of July turned out to be top notch fishing in the Mosquito Lagoon for great saltwater fishing redfish Orlando. Big Redfish are on the prowl all around the lagoon. The big fish are grouping up the begin the early fall spawn. Some days the average school has fish from 40 to 50 inches and number of 50 to 75 fish in a school. Smaller Redfish are on the shallower flats for any one looking to catch one for the dinner table as well. Sea Trout fishing was absolutely on fire and most days produced catches of 10 to 15 per trip. The fish seemed to like Pig Fish the most but if you could stand the bait robbers stealing your baits... live shrimp worked well to. Black drum were hot and heavy most days and the average size fish ranged from 8 to 12 pounds. The best bait I found to work was fresh dead shrimp placed well out in front of the school as they swam out over it. The Snook and Tarpon are here right now and if you want to target one it's best to use live mullet and pin fish.

August bookings are coming in pretty steady and it's highly recommended to call and save your date as soon as possible to insure that you get it. Thanks for stopping by the web site and I look forward to fishing with you soon!

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Had a group of a 100 of these guys all to ourselves today... awesome!

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Orlando Fishing Charter – Fishing Charters near Orlando Fl and private fishing trips in the Orlando Fl area fishing report. May 9th – 2017 Report from the World Famous Mosquito Lagoon.

This week was awesome! we started out catching Sea Trout after Sea Trout, I mean the bite is just on fire!!! Yesterday started out the same, catching a ton of Trout first thing but then we moved off to explore and or look for new fishing when I discover a huge school of Black Drum.

Once I shut down and poled over to the school the fish settled down and we just killed it! These were hands down the happiest fish I’ve seen in many weeks. I don’t know if they were just super hungry or these fish hadn’t seen a boat in a while. Either way, it was an amazing 2 hours of fishing. We ended up catching about 15 fish on both live shrimp and soft plastic baits.

The month of May starts the beginning of Tarpon season for us here on the Space Coast and Orlando Fishing Charter. Huge Redfish will return to the flats as well and start the late spring spawn. Snook fishing turns up a notch as they fire up on the live mullet schools gathering on the flats. Black Drum fishing however will slow down once the water warms up to around 80 degrees and the crabs move out to deeper water spots.

I’m looking forward to an awesome summer run and hope the bite continues strong this year. So far so good and I’m happy to say that the nasty brown tide we were stuck with last year is long gone now and the fishing has bounced right back. So if your looking at an Orlando Fishing Charter or a guided fishing trip near Orlando Fl. Call me today and I would love to set you up on an awesome fishing trip!

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Fishing Charters Orlando and Orlando fishing guides are are on some of the years best fishing right now. It's spring break in Orlando Florida this month so the parks are busy and families are looking at going fishing as well. Fishing charters in orlando will become harder to book over the next 5 weeks so an early booking is very important. When looking at potential orlando fishing guides, make sure they have 4 to 5 stars on their google reviews. It's very important to get a guide with good reviews for fishing charters and fishing trips. It will help you narrow down your selection.

So lets cover what's been going on in the World Famous Mosquito Lagoon over the last 3 weeks. As you can see, it's been a while sense my last fishing report. On one note it took a few weeks to find some time off to write a new one. Plus last week I caught that bug going around... what a bummer it was. So this week I set time aside to get the last report to you and help you pick the best Fishing Charters Orlando.

Mosquito Lagoon:

The Red fishing has been outstanding lately in the lagoon. The most common size has been between 24 to 30 inches. They will eat anything you throw at them but the live baits have seemed to produce just a little bit better. With the water as clear as it is, site casting to them has been so much fun.

Black drum have been on fire both in shallow water flats and deep canals. The most common size has been 24 to 40 inches. Mostly only eating live shrimp and cut blue crab. The shallow flats schools seem to like the live shrimp where the deeper black drum in the canals like crab best.

Sea Trout are on an early spawn so the big females are up on to the flats protecting their beds from pin fish and pig fish. Last week we had a huge momma Trout slam a live shrimp literally as soon as it hit the water. Most likely the top water bite using a walk the dog style bait would do very well. I'll have to rig one up this week and give it a try. The average fish are in the 20 to 30 inch range.

Thank you for taking time to look at my reports page, it you have any questions PLEASe feel free to call or email me any time! Here are a few pictures from last weeks trips... Let's get yours up here too!

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And we're off... second fish of the day. Must be a nice school in this hole.
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