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Tom Brown
Bishop of Word of Life Church. Famous for his ministry of deliverance.
Bishop of Word of Life Church. Famous for his ministry of deliverance.

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Your problems are lower court decisions, God is the higher court that overrules your problems.

Don't be deceived by the false wisdom of this world, but rather follow Christ Who is the Wisdom of God.

If you want the Word to come out of you, you must get the Word inside of you.

The devil is doing more now to destroy families than ever before. Put your family under God's protection by getting them into church.

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Just found the shooters homepage, James Hodgkinson, and he is a Bernie Sanders supporter and is a hater of Trump and has called for the destruction of Trump and Company on his Facebook site.
Listen, there is no place for hate even if you disagree with someone, it does not give you the right to hurt them!

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June is gay pride month. Tonight I will explain the five sources of truth which absolutely disproves the LGBT agenda. You have not heard this teaching before. 7:15 pm

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Estella Martinez was told by her oncologist that she is cancer free! Praise God!

One of the most important decisions you will ever make in life is choosing the people you associate with. People can either inspire you or discourage you, lift you up or bring me down.

Since Jesus died and rose for you, it is only right for you to serve Him all your life.

When the devil attacks you, you can interrupt his plans by praying!
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