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another huge capability to learn...
You can analyze all public GitHub activity via Google BigQuery! I'm syncing the data every hour, so you can run any analysis you want.. and let me tell you, there is a lot of interesting trends to be discovered there!

As a preview, here's a quick spreadsheet I pulled with a few stats for month of April:

- 5.8M events in April
- Most popular languages? Javascript, Java and Ruby.
- Most popular new repo? Prince-of-Persia-Apple-II
- Most watched repo? meteor

Check out the instructions on to get started!
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I played with the bigquery stuff earlier today. Their tutorial sample (natalist or something) crashed on me trying to aggregate data with min(...) and max(...) after about 1 minute several times. I got distracted and came back and it worked (snappy).
Great, you can present for us slow ones!! BTW MS is presenting tomorrow at IPSA lunch at Innovation depot Surprisingly the topic is why you should care about MS if you do web dev, presented by MS.. I'm interested in what they have to say...
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