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RBC Canada has been sending people "virtual visa debit cards" in the mail for online purchases. Does anyone know what the catch is?
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Not really a catch. They're just trying to steal some market share back from Paypal, I believe.

I'll probably use it. Hell, my paypal goes to that bank account anyway, and I think I might hate paypal more than the banks these days.
Does it link directly to your bank account, or does it carry a balance month-to-month?
Oh I see (from Visa):

"Visa Debit is a different kind of debit. It works like your current debit card, allowing you to safely pay for things directly from your bank account, but is accepted at more places when you shop online and around the world*. With Visa Debit you can enjoy the freedom of shopping online and around the world at millions of merchants in over 200 countries.

When you use Visa Debit you are protected with Visa Layers of Security including Zero Liability, and Visa ePromise."

So basically, Visa is using this to get a piece of the transaction fees for debit too, I guess.
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