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Everything is better with bacon on it.
Everything is better with bacon on it.

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Wow... my teammate and I just complained about our hotel stay at a +Sheraton Hotels & Resorts  in the midwest... I'll share more later after my stay is over (with what's gone on so far, I fear retaliation from the staff), but just wanted to let everyone know that I'm not staying at any +Starwood Preferred Guest® (SPG) / Starwood hotel again unless I see some kind of evidence over the next few days that they heard our complaint and are doing something about it.

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This video, played at the beginning of Pittsburgh/St Louis Game 2 NLDS is awesome!  - "it's not heaven, but it's pretty darn close" +MLB    #mlbplayoffs   #octoberbaseball  

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I finally got around to answering some questions for the journalist at Insurance & Technology - this is old news, but a little more public than previous announcements.

The job is going well!  Very busy meeting with clients and researching issues to help them with their challenges.

Circle me if you are interested in Insurance Technology, technology in general, cool gadgets, etc.

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New dream job... Jerry's delivery guy.

#DoctorWho  - Season 1, Episode 7  - The Long Game

Rose and the Doctor take Adam, who they met in the last episode in 2012, out into the future - the year 200,000.  We learn a little about how the Doctor operates - when he goes somewhere, he just asks questions.  It doesn't take him long to find out that something is wrong.  He expected mankind to be farther along, but something is holding progress back.

They discover they are on Satellite 5, hovering the earth broadcasting all the news.  However, someone or something is controlling everything.  They observe some strange behavior, and Adam, saying he is overwhelmed, is sent back to the TARDIS.

Where we see that Rose's curiosity is a good human trait, we now see it go wrong in Adam.  Instead of retreating to the TARDIS, he explores this strange new world and looks for a way to profit from it.  Ah, greed knows no limits of time and space.  Sigh.

Rose and the Doctor tap into the Satellite 5 "mainframe" (they apparently still call them that in the future ;-) and find out that while the rest of the satellite is getting colder, floor 500 is hot as blazes.  When they investigate, they find out what is controlling everything - a strange violent creature and his human (sort of) henchman.  A combination of a friend they met along the way and Adam combine to get them out of trouble, and the three time travelers take the TARDIS back to current day London, to Adam's house to drop him off.  

Part of Adam's punishment is being left with an unusual scar - a mind portal device that opens on his forehead - he had it installed on the Satellite to download all of the world's information so he could send it back to himself.  This brings up an interesting consequence for time travelers:  if they change anything while away and then end up stuck back home, they need to "lay low" and have very dull lives that don't attract attention, or they will be treated as aliens and studied as lab rats.  It's not good to mess around with the rules of time travel.

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Don't forget your booties because it's cold out there today.  
It's cold out there every day.

Happy Groundhog Day 2013.

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#Pebble - It's finally time... My Pebble has arrived!

I checked my tracking info yesterday morning and it said that I The package was "out for delivery"! I kept watch on my mailbox, and sure enough my mailman dropped the slim package into the box. I grabbed it, unboxed and plugged it in - see the picture below.

The Pebble easily paired with my phone (Samsung Galaxy S3), and I used the already installed app (downloaded it earlier in the week when it appeared in the Google Play store) to upload a few watch faces. Out of the box, the Pebble is a little limited, but the developers are promising frequent updates with many new features - hopefully this will be fun and not annoying as the updates get pushed out.

Did you get your Pebble yet? What do you think?

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#KindleFireHD  Amazon wins the media price war again... this time with Movies. is doing for online Movie rentals what it has done previously for eBooks - dominating the market.  This is good news for us Fire owners.  I personally gave up Netflix when I decided to continue Prime after my 30 days free back when I received my Fire (no, I still haven't upgraded to the HD, and by the way, Jeff Bezos, I never received the evaluation copy I begged, er, asked for).

I must say, though, that the competition in the movies area is good - there are still some reasons to keep Netflix (they get a lot of the new stuff quicker) and Redbox is making a go of it (still my favorite way to rent a physical disk when I need to).

Are you using Amazon's video service on your Fire?  Do you still have Netflix?

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#KindleFireHD  - Is the Fire the most "kid-friendly" tablet?

Amazon just announced it's "Freetime Unlimited" offering of children's media for the Fire.  The subscription service (that's only $2.99 per child per month is you have Amazon's Prime service) offers kid-friendly content on the Fire, which already is reasonably rugged and has parental controls, making it a good tablet for small hands.  Unlike dedicated tablets for kids (Leapfrog, etc. as mentioned in the article), the Fire is also great for mom and dad.

Are you considering a tablet for just your kids?  Do you let them use your Fire or other tablet?
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